OPTEL: Building Intelligent Supply Chains

Louis Roy, Founder & President
Digital transformation is underway in the food and beverage industry to gain visibility into the ‘farm to fork’ value chain. Counterfeits, falsifications, and diversions of food, as well as unsustainable procurement of raw materials, are major concerns that are on the rise. Against this backdrop, food and beverage manufacturers are in search of a real-time monitoring technology that will help them maintain their brand reputation by bringing complete transparency across the supply chain. As the front-runner in digitizing the supply chain, OPTEL has created a disruptive traceability and smart supply chain technology to combat counterfeits, and food frauds as well as increase food safety and gain sustainability.

“We are increasing the capability to trace raw materials from farms to forks by digitizing the supply chain to improve visibility, accountability, transparency, and operational excellence,” says Louis Roy, founder and president of OPTEL. OPTEL offers a satellite powered raw material tracking and authentication solution across the supply chain to provide real-time insights. The OPTEL solution provides clients with the capability to track physical products as well as lot-level inventory.

OPTEL’s clairvoyance into the future impact of climate change and the immense pressure on available resources brings forth the prognosis that shortage in the availability of raw material is inevitable. OPTEL’s AI-powered predictive forecasting effectively anticipates the risk within the supply chain and avoids wastage by helping businesses make a sustainable decision. With the overshadowing environmental changes, wastage of raw materials can increase expenses in the future. As a countermeasure, OPTEL in collaboration with supply chain stakeholders adds a unique identifier to each product container, which enables the manufacturer to track the geo-location, inventory level, and other information in real-time. This feature optimizes the distribution channels, simplifies recalls, improves supply chain management, and prevents fraud.

Today, the food industry giants try to get closer to the farmers to ensure that they use proper techniques and environmentally friendly processes to be more sustainable and efficient.

We are increasing the capability to trace raw materials from ‘farms to fork’ by digitizing the supply chain to improve visibility, accountability, and operational excellence

Given this scenario, OPTEL provides insights about the producers, methods of procuring the raw materials, types of machinery used, and best suppliers in the market by connecting with stakeholders. This helps OPTEL’s clients to make environment-friendly decisions and transform the manufacturing environment on the base level by gathering information from the IT systems of supply chains.

As data becomes an asset, food brands are leveraging its power to assure the end-consumers of the authenticity, quality, and sustainability of their products. All the data generated by OPTEL’s granular tracking solution is saved in their database and can be leveraged by users to measure line efficiency in real-time. Based on this, Vanessa Grondin, VP of Food and beverage, shares a scenario where a large beer company needed a solution that would provide insights into the progress of their products within the supply chain. OPTEL enabled this by creating a unique identifier on each bottle for tracking. With OPTEL’s solution, the client was able to track each bottle down to the exact location where it was consumed and prevent counterfeiting. This feature can also be used for marketing by enticing customers to scan the bottles and gain incentives through loyalty programs. Contrariwise, the consumer data is sent to the company to improve their supply chain performance.
“Information is the key to optimization, and we are currently in the market that has the infrastructure to bring high data accuracy within the supply chain,” concludes Vanessa.


Minneapolis, MN

Louis Roy, Founder & President and Vanessa Grondin VP

Provides traceability solutions and optimizes supply chain performance for the food & beverage industry