OPTiiM: Unparallel Automation Framework

Levent Ozalp, Founder & CEO
As an avid innovator, Levent Ozalp, Founder and CEO of OPTiiM, has always been passionate about redefining software testing—a valuable process that represents the ultimate review of specification, design, and coding of an application. However, in today’s competitive business world, software testing landscape is constrained with time-consuming manual methods, limited resources, and skyrocketing costs. Many companies implement automation techniques, including test automation, with the ultimate goal of achieving competitive advantage through resource optimization, faster time-to-market and improved efficiency.

Nevertheless, organizations face various challenges during the automation process—generation of test scripts and maintenance. “At the heart of OPTiiM’s philosophy lies successful implementation of test automation frameworks, enabling the rapid creation of test automation scripts that are stable and easily maintainable,” asserts Ozalp. “Creating a well-designed framework is the foundation of OPTiiM Test Automation (OPTiiMIZE) Services. As part of OPTiiMIZE Services, OPTiiM clients receive an innovative framework including proprietary code libraries providing a production line that is optimized for quick script generation and effortless maintenance. “OPTiiM’s scalable test automation framework optimizes every level of the application from network to code—speeding up test execution and reducing test maintenance,” asserts Ozalp. OPTiiMize supports leading tools from HP, Selenium, Sahi, Borland and has been deployed by several customers.

OPTiiM Test Automation (OPTiiMize) Services begins with the analysis phase and the implementation of the custom test automation strategy, which ensures a consistent, repeatable and efficient end-to-end test automation process—waterproofed against potential future changes. With a fixed-price approach, OPTiiM’s dedicated QA automation team executes the task of analysis, design, implementation, and reporting, in collaboration with its clients—speeding release cycles, without compromising quality.

As a part of the test operations services, OPTiiM is managing test data and environments for various data sets for its customers and helping stakeholders to make informed decisions related to overall quality of the application being tested.

At the heart of OPTiiM’s philosophy lies successful implementation of test automation frameworks that enable rapid creation of test automation scripts

Alongside, the firm’s manual testing services include: turn-key projects, managed services, and staff augmentation since 100 percent automation is not achievable at all times. “With OPTiiM’s SLA based manual test force outsourcing services, clients can control their budget and productivity at the same time,” states Ozalp. OPTiiM also caters to mobile testing—which is emerging as another challenging area through its mobile test automation tools in “shadow projects” within their labs to identify the ones that best fits a customer’s project needs.

In addition, the firm also contributes in reducing performance bottlenecks through its Performassure services. OPTiiM Performassure leverages Performance Testing—the type of testing intended to determine the responsiveness, throughput, reliability, and scalability of a system under a given workload. “Through Performassure, we help users to estimate their hardware configuration that is required for supporting the applications, while they ‘go live’ to production operation,” delineates Ozalp.

Beyond testing, the firm has also expanded to the adjacent application migration space. With the vertically specialized teams in billing, core banking, CRM, ERP and more, OPTiiM is taking full responsibility to plan and execute application migrations for large telecom and finance customers. In one instance, a major finance institution lacked the capability of tracing code version and deployment capabilities. OPTiiM delivered end to end DevOps solution for its client to fully automate the systems development life cycle (SDLC). “OPTiiM’s newly released DevOps framework will be a new era, with which organizations will maximize their productivity and minimize time to market,” affirms Ozalp.


Istanbul, Turkey

Levent Ozalp, Founder & CEO and Hakan Turgut, Partner & Chairman, Yahya Ozturk, Partner & Director

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