Optimity Software: Enhancing visibility across Planning Processes

Lars Gimbringer, MD
There are literally thousands of decisions that are made in supply chain businesses every day, at different levels of granularity–from day-to-day operational right out to long-term strategic. Needless to say the key concern facing supply chain planners is the reliability in this decision-making: It needs to be across different time frames and should be able to respond to fluctuating supply and demand. “Today, we are at a point in history where technology doesn’t need to be the bottleneck for smart solutions,” says Lars Gimbringer, MD, Optimity. Sydney– based Optimity offers solutions which give businesses the visibility across their entire supply chain, the ability to run scenarios and find the plan that will be the most profitable for the business as a whole.

Optimity’s suite of software modules either works independently or can be seamlessly integrated together to give businesses the ability to make the best, most profitable plan every time across any time frame. Run from a configurable and easy-to-use dashboard, the entire planning process can be run within the application, and it gives a single view of the whole supply chain. Key functionality of the software is the ability to run real time “what-if” scenarios based on different inputs, giving planners real insight into the impact of decisions before they are made.

Built on Microsoft’s latest technologies, Optimity is all about delivering simplicity, accuracy and reliability. In the supply chain arena, the quantity and complexity of data is vast. By utilizing Microsoft’s Azure cloud offering, Optimity’s solution further simplifies the handling of large and complex data. Since Optimity is invariably used in conjunction with an ERP system, it is absolutely critical that integration is seamless. In particular the common utilization of the SQL database enables the application to share data easily when providing solutions for clients using Microsoft Dynamics.Optimity software’s holistic business-wide decision making capabilities have a real impact on the bottom line.

For instance, when Ron Hurley, the National Planning Manager at Legrand Australia—a specialist in products and systems for electrical installations and information networks, was searching for a software to support a major S&OP improvement project, he needed a solution which would give visibility into the supply chain and identify the change impact effect across all supply chain areas.
In Optimity, he found a product that not only met these goals, but one which would also become an enabler for planning improvements within the organization. “Optimity’s software was extremely easy to use with a graphical user interface that lets you quickly ascertain where the problems lie in the supply chain. One of the real selling points to me was the ability to customize the views to suit our business,” says Hurley. Scenarios could also be run to see the effects of any change in Demand, Distribution, Manufacturing or Purchasing to understand what that will mean both in the day-to-day operational level and the long term strategic level.

Key functionality of the software is the ability to run real time “what-if” scenarios based on different inputs, giving planners real insight into the impact of decisions before they are made

The experts at Optimity have the required blend of theoretical, technical and business know-how to deliver a flexible optimization model that solves every business challenge in planning. “We have a close partnership with clients and regularly utilize a successful prototyping methodology as part of our proof of concept,” says Gimbringer.The firm’s highly-aligned technical team and business experts continue to innovate to give planners the most flexible and accurate planning solution possible in direct response to client visions incorporating latest trends. “We will continue our transition to the cloud, and we are very excited to back up our strong success in Europe and Asia, by building further into our North American market,” says Gimbringer.

Optimity Software

Sydney, Australia

Lars Gimbringer, MD

Delivers a solution that can be used to visualize, simplify and optimize the entire planning process.