OPTIMOZ: Driving Efficiency through Cloud Automation

Naresh Patel, Founder & President
A number of companies have adopted cloud over the years, due to its plethora of benefits like elasticity, reliability, compatibility, and cost-effectiveness. Nevertheless, concerns around security and lack of direct control call for the expert guidance of cloud migration specialists to ensure an effective migration. Specializing in all aspects of cloud computing, Optimoz delivers value to customers through proactive monitoring, automation, and management of cloud environments. Naresh Patel, president of Optimoz, founded the company driven by his passion for cloud and DevOps, which he had developed during his long tenure as a technology architect and the Co-founder and CTO of GetHired, his previous startup.

“Optimoz has helped its customers in the public and private sectors move their on-site infrastructure and applications to Amazon Web Services (AWS) public cloud,” states Patel. Subsequently allowing them to continuously deliver their applications to production with zero downtime, made possible through the use of state of the art DevSecOps practices. Earlier, with on-premise systems, software changes presented problems, requiring weeks or months to upgrade the systems. The continuous delivery ensures efficient functioning of business operations because “the changes are pushed in a live environment without the user experiencing a single glitch,” adds Aqeel Butt, director of engineering, Optimoz.

For any organization, compliance and security are big concerns, as in the case of Equifax where a security breach left the private data of 143 million customers at risk. Patel states, “Our processes allow for the discovery of vulnerabilities earlier in the application development lifecycle and their subsequent elimination before they reach the production environment.”Using a continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipeline, Optimoz has developed standard processes for the product development life cycle where security is an inherent aspect. Automated security checks and verification processes are included in different steps of the CI/CD pipeline, depending on customer requirements, since “it is not a one size fits all setup,” says Patel.

Our goal is to take away the burden of operational responsibility from clients and help them focus on their core business competencies

A vital feature of Optimoz is providing resiliency for enterprises to help support their infrastructure without manual intervention. The company practices immutable infrastructures to minimize server downtime, wherein servers experiencing issues are replaced automatically. Customers wanting to manage their services in-house due to privacy and security concerns can rely on Optimoz’s services. Butt explains, “We use different automation tools, AWS CloudFormation, AWS Terraform, and other software that help ensure resiliency.”

Optimoz provides services in other areas as well, notably, big data analytics through Amazon Elastic MapReduce to process vast amounts of data, providing beneficial insights for clients. For customers concerned about visibility across their applications and infrastructure, Optimoz leverages operational intelligence solutions from Splunk, New Relic, and AWS CloudWatch to provide a monitoring dashboard that displays information about the application’s performance, helping identify problems earlier.

“We have implemented AWS Lambda’s serverless capabilities in some of the processes for our clients that have been tremendously successful,” states Butt. Optimoz is on a mission to help clients radically change their software development methods by effective use of the cloud. The company has been working closely with AWS on the serverless concept, which will play an important role in the future of the cloud. “Our goal is to take away the burden of operational responsibility from clients and help them focus on their core business competencies,” concludes Patel.


Bethesda, MD

Naresh Patel, Founder & President

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