Optimum Healthcare IT: Redefining ERP in Healthcare

Jason Mabry, CEO
The healthcare ERP market is witnessing significant changes in the available options in the arena. The market has newer solutions available that are less proven whereas other solutions are migrating to cloud versions. At the same time, supply chain savings are more important than ever in the healthcare ecosystem and therefore strong solutions coupled with powerful analytics are essential for considerable healthcare cost savings. Adding to this tight spot, healthcare organizations often try to derive more value from their solutions without replacing their ERP. Optimum Healthcare IT is at the forefront of confronting these challenges by assisting healthcare organizations with Best-in- KLAS consulting services to enable them to implement and optimize their ERP solutions. “Leveraging our expertise in the industry, we aim to help our customers make the best decisions and maximize the available options in the complicated ERP environment,” says Jason Mabry, CEO of Optimum Healthcare IT.

Backed by a talent-rich staff seasoned in financial management, inventory and supply chain management, human resources, back-office shared services, and business process optimization, Optimum offers comprehensive consulting services across the entire continuum of ERP in healthcare organizations. The major differentiating factor for Optimum is that it hires the best people and engages them in the right projects where they can make a difference with their knowledge of the industry and creative problem-solving skills. “We anticipate that there will be a significant number of ERP replacements in healthcare in the next several years due to the inadequacy of legacy systems and increased cloud migration,” remarks Mabry. Optimum is working closely with its customers to advise them as they explore solutions and develop implementation strategies for the new solutions.

Optimum helps healthcare organizations in selecting the right ERP solution, which is a complex decision involving many considerations and needs of different stakeholders. Investing time in understanding the needs of healthcare organizations along with their operational models and people, Optimum assists these organizations in evaluating and selecting the right ERP software vendor to ensure that they implement the solution that best meets their needs.
Furthermore, the firm develops training plans and go-live plans that provide the staff with the information they need for implementing an efficient ERP system.

Leveraging our expertise in the industry, we aim to help our customers make the best decisions and maximize the available options in the complicated ERP environment

Mabry cites few instances to illustrate the competency of Optimum’s ERP consultation services. On a recent project, Optimum helped a large healthcare organization evaluate the available healthcare ERP solutions for financials, human resources, and supply chain. Optimum assisted the firm by determining their needs and priorities, developing a request for proposal (RFP), and leading the selection process that included a cross-section of hospital staff. The process not only resulted in the healthcare organization making a decision that was right for them but also increased their staff engagement which helped set the project up for success.

In another recent project, Optimum was contacted by an organization that had started an ERP project but failed to meet deadlines and had delayed their go-live date several times. The Optimum team first evaluated their situation and challenges and then though adjustments to their strategy, additional staffing, and development of a strong testing and training methodology, was able to turn the project into a success and get it back on track.

Scripting similar success stories, Optimum aims to continue focusing on the ERP landscape in the healthcare industry. Mabry also shares his thoughts about Clearsense—Optimum’s sister company that performs healthcare analytics. “We see that solution as a key component of our strategy to visualize their data and make that information actionable to improve clinical outcomes, streamline operations, and reduce costs,” he says.

Optimum Healthcare IT

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Jason Mabry, CEO

Offers diverse consulting services across the entire continuum of ERP in healthcare organizations

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