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Mark Duckworth, Founder & President
From being a simple communication device, today’s communications systems have evolved significantly to become a key component that drives revenue for enterprises through customer engagement. Yet, lack of solutions tailored for the hospitality sector—casinos, more specifically—creates challenges in managing customer expectations while ensuring seamless communication across various business locations. With over 26 years of experience solving complex communications challenges for the hospitality sector, Optus provides a range of support services for communications systems, security applications, and IT solutions. “We have the scalability to support large organizations along with a personal approach toward customer service,” states Mark Duckworth, founder and president, Optus.

Akin to other businesses, casinos also tend to limit expenses, employ fewer staff, and manage with minimal resources to boost revenue. Due to such constraints, casinos rely on legacy systems—especially for voice communication—that limit mobility and hinder remote connectivity. On the other hand, the guests wish to avail different services and participate in various events during their stay. Optus helps casinos effectively meet these demands by providing a robust communications network that can be virtualized on either cloud or on-site servers—bringing speed, flexibility, and accessibility to customers and employees. “Our communications systems empower casinos to achieve higher levels of customer engagement by alerting guests about the different events happening at the venue, which can be booked at their convenience, anytime and anywhere,” adds Duckworth.

To “increase spend per guest,” casinos need to focus their attention and resources on premium guests to offer personalized services and enhance their experience. Helping casinos monitor premium guests, Optus provides NEC’s NeoFace Watch, a biometric facial recognition solution capable of tracking and identifying guests. NeoFace Watch also aids in security as it identifies suspicious individuals from a casino’s database, including those banned from the casino, known swindlers or other potential threats. On detecting such hazards, the solution alerts the casino’s security teams and prevents incidents before they happen or escalate. In addition to facial recognition, NeoFace Watch also assesses various other situations and alerts security when required.

Our mission is to solve complex technology challenges and deliver consistent business results to customers through simplified, flexible solutions

For instance, if a bag is left unattended in a crowded area for long durations, NeoFace Watch will raise a flag. When Spotlight 29 Casino of Coachella Valley in Southern California sought competitive differentiation while being able to attract and retain more guests, NEC’s unified communications systems proved highly valuable. The solution helped the casino witness cost savings from phone-system management, improved customer service across contact centers, boosted the productivity of front-desk employees, and increased revenue opportunities while prepping the business for expansion in different segments.

Optus performs a thorough assessment of the existing technologies in a client’s environment to maximize and extend the life of a client’s investment. The company designs customized solutions in partnership with leading manufacturers of voice communications and biometric technology to provide clients with certified resources that meet their requirements. Optus’ team oversees every aspect of a project, which includes installation, status updates, and deliverables. “After deployment, we offer a multitude of support packages including a lifetime package, both on-site and remote, to ensure that customers maximize the use of our technology,” adds Duckworth.

Optus began with a simple vision “to provide a better service” and has grown substantially over the years. The company’s success is a result of its commitment to quality, reliable delivery, and focus on customer satisfaction, which it has maintained since its inception. Optus is known for providing voice communications technology solutions that help organizations with multiple business entities to act as a single unit. “Our mission is to solve complex technology challenges and deliver consistent business results to customers through simplified, flexible solutions,” concludes Duckworth.


Jonesboro, AR

Mark Duckworth, Founder & President

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