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Brooke Fiumara, co-CEO and Tom Rafferty, co-CEO Casinos have held a magical allure for ages. From the glitz and glamour of its décor to the thrilling experience of rolling the dice, these establishments are a unique world worth admiring. Today, many casinos have significantly evolved with the advancement of technology—making the space more desirable and convenient for tech-savvy players of the modern-day. Further, with the adoption of technologies, including 5G, cryptocurrency, Big Data, IoT, Virtual Reality, and AI, many forecast this year to be another interesting one for traditional and online gambling venues.

While these technological advancements have helped the industry to a great extent, they have also introduced a sense of wariness and ambiguity in the minds of those who own and run the "house." A major reason is that many casinos are currently left with a distasteful cocktail of legacy and new systems. On the one hand, they have tools from the past that are too complex to manage or serve no purpose, making them dead investments. On the other hand, they have high end technology tools that work efficiently but independently and often not built for the gaming industry, making the operators' job extremely cumbersome. Operators need to log into multiple systems to understand their customers and assets. This entails everything from operations in slots to marketing to player development. Unfortunately, "time" for an operator is indispensable, and data is an asset they cannot neglect!

OPTX, co-CEO, Brooke Fiumara, can vouch for this fact. During her stint as the Chief Marketing Officer at Warner Gaming, Brooke was in charge of technological development and innovation. However, after years of sitting through demos, requesting bids, receiving quotes, and overseeing software implementations, she understood one fact: because of poor technology, operators were spending more time compiling data than actually finding the opportunity in the data and acting on it.

Spearheading a New Age of Casino Tech

While Brooke had the knowledge and expertise from an operator's standpoint, she needed someone with solid technology acumen and experience as a supplier of casino tech. This was precisely what OPTX's co-CEO, Tom Rafferty, has in abundance. Joining hands, the duo began conceptualizing a new breed of casino tech with a few simple questions: "If we could build any technology, what would that be? What would it do? How would it make our lives easier, our operations more efficient, and our leaders more successful?"

The team realized that they were building more than just a technology product; they were on a path to building a true casino platform that could pioneer next-gen casino operations. "Our technology was solving the challenges that we, as casino operators, were facing daily. This is when we realized that we have something special! We decided that this technology deserves a dedicated team and focus," says Brooke.
Finally, from the desire to connect casino "operations" to the "people" who run them with the right "technology," OPTX was born in mid- 2019.

As a completely integrated technology company, OPTX is focused on bringing the best casino operations platform to the market . With a team of solution-focused creators, the company perceives data to be a tool that enables true connections and fosters better guest experiences for clients.

We have a team of data scientists dedicated to building AI models that provide recommendations to operators on games that can be changed, moved, or reconfigured

Offering Actionable Data at Fingertips

At its core, the OPTX platform helps casino operators understand their players and their property to drive revenue, profitability, and guest satisfaction. It can streamline operational efficiency while providing powerful insights and actionable recommendations for the casino floor, players, and database.

The platform harnesses the power of data and provides insights that can immediately become reactions. "Operators can now spend less time compiling the data and more time implementing strategies," asserts Rafferty. Using data intelligence, OPTX ingests and simplifies all the information from multiple internal and external data sources and then creates actionable recommendations. With such real-time individualized insights, casino operators can ensure that no actionable player is missed. More importantly, the actionable recommendations can be shared via desktop and mobile applications. "Designed to evolve with your data and react to your operations in real time, OPTX enhances best practices and eliminates inefficiency," says Brooke.

People that Power the Platform

The expert team at OPTX understands that casinos are like running ten different businesses under the same roof and sometimes, even outside of their roof as well. Today, many casinos allow players to experience the adrenaline rush of gambling from the comfort of their homes. As such, the operators need to know what happens within the establishment and outside of it. The OPTX platform is architected to address these multiple business areas via different modules—slots, marketing, and player development, to be specific.

The platform leverages multiple dimensions of complex data to reveal opportunities on the slot floor—helping clients revise and report on all slot data. With its intuitive dashboard, users can get a high-level view of daily KPIs and actionable data. The slot module provides slot floor visualization, machine tracking, and a full suite of comprehensive reports to optimize and manage the slot floor. This helps operators look at all of their games from one location and understand what every player needs. Taking things a level up, OPTX has also introduced the Slots AI module that elevates the analytic power of casinos with interactive predictive simulations and advanced AI models. It generates recommendations to relocate, convert, remove, replace, and revise machines for total floor optimization. "We have a team of data scientists dedicated to building AI models that provide recommendations to operators on games that can be changed, moved, or reconfigured. We then measure the results and retrain our models so that they continue to get smarter and retrain themselves to make better recommendations," Rafferty elaborates.
On the player development front, the OPTX platform helps increase host team productivity, transparency, and accountability through powerful player insights, recommendations, and tasks that are derived from a fully functional CRM, compensation management tools, dashboards, and reports. Much like the Slot AI module, OPTX offers an AI variant for player development as well. Through advanced AI algorithms, OPTX AI identifies the low-hanging fruit within the database and auto allocates team members for action. AI models generate recommendations to contact, incentivize, code, or reduce reinvestment on individual players for total database optimization. This way, clients can increase player loyalty and profitability while reducing player churn. The OPTX platform also offers a very powerful communications extension dubbed OPTX Connect. This allows team members to engage with players via phone, text, and email directly within the OPTX web and mobile applications.

From a marketing standpoint, the OPTX platform is designed to aid marketing teams in driving acquisition, revenue, and loyalty for their property. It compiles the data to provide insights and actions for the various areas of the customer life cycle. Additionally, the platform ensures that campaigns are running at the right time, with the right messaging, to the right people—driving the desired outcome. The campaign manager feature allows users to holistically plan and build campaigns and manage those in real-time. They can create their audience, pro forma, goals, and track performance—all within a single platform. Marketing teams can quickly evaluate the campaign performance with built-in analytics and optimize it on the fly. With its geo-mapping feature, clients can create more targeted campaigns. "You don't need to be an analyst or have SQL experience to do that. OPTX can replace your email platform, text platform, and help you achieve direct marketing integration," says Brooke.

"Operators can now spend less time compiling the data and more time implementing strategies"

Upping the Gaming Tech Ante

Unlike most companies in this area of business, OPTX is made "by Operators for Operators." Technological capabilities aside, the company's team is perhaps the most significant factor that drives its success. From developers to C-suite, every member of OPTX works together to iterate on new ideas. "We give our employees the opportunity to voice their views and have their ideas heard, creating a better environment of collaboration and creation," says Rafferty.

OPTX has more than doubled in size since its inception. The company will continue to hire in critical roles to fulfill its mission of becoming the best platform for casino operators. One of OPTX's principal goals for 2021 is to set the highest standard of service for its clients. "Our clients' success is directly tied to our success as a company, and we do not take that lightly," says Brooke.

So far, OPTX has garnered an overwhelming response. The company envisions expanding its platform's features and functionalities within slots, marketing, and player development modules, with an emphasis on its AI capabilities. This is perhaps what's needed to align with the emerging trend of cashless gaming that requires operators to focus more on campaigns and precision targeting. "We pride ourselves on being a data technology company that solves real problems. As a team, we believe in the power of OPTX and are inspired to continue developing solutions that can revolutionize the gaming industry," concludes Rafferty.


Las Vegas, Nevada

Brooke Fiumara, co-CEO and Tom Rafferty, co-CEO

Founded in 2019 by former casino executives, OPTX unites all casino data giving operators an innovative view of their business. Available via desktop and mobile applications, the data intelligence used by OPTX creates actionable recommendations for casino operators, provides real-time individualized insights to ensure that no actionable player is missed, and empowers teams to spend less time compiling the data and more time implementing strategies that increase guest visitation, revenue and profitability