ORBCOMM [NASDAQ:ORBC]: Navigating and Powering Asset Management

Marc Eisenberg, CEO
With the proliferation of IoT and connected devices, the M2M supply chain management and material resource planning is expected to improve further. However, a lot of challenges such as standardization, interoperability, collaboration, pricing, and security continue to trouble transportation and M2M market—essential pillars of global commerce. Trouncing such hurdles, ORBCOMM [NASDAQ:ORBC]—an M2M communications and telematics services company, offers a broad mix of connectivity options enabling clients to keep track of mobile assets, from ships and trucks to heavy equipment, in a most cost-effective manner. The company’s solutions are designed to serve in core vertical markets including transportation and distribution, industrial fixed assets, heavy equipment, oil and gas, maritime and government.

In the M2M arena—which is now among the fastest growing segments in technology—ORBCOMM presents a comprehensive framework of IoT tools to remotely track, monitor and control assets moving or at rest. Its M2M products and services manage a range of assets such as trailers, containers, rail cars, generators, fluid tanks, marine vessels, pipeline monitoring equipment, diesel or electric powered generators, wells for oil and gas, irrigation control systems, and utility meters. Additionally, the company provides Automatic Identification System (AIS) data services for remote marine vessel navigation that enhances efficiency and safety of government/commercial vessels. The complete set of devices, networks, and applications provide owners with report and analytics of location intelligence, asset status, and two-way command and control capabilities.

Bringing-in expertise in engineering and modernistic cloud-based IoT service platform, the company also develops enterprise-based customized IoT applications that minimize the complexity of deploying and supporting IoT solutions. It offers its services via the ORBCOMM network that uses 41 low-Earth orbit (LEO) satellites as well as terrestrial-based cellular communication services to provide reliable and cost-effective M2M communications even in some of the most remote places of the world.

Our strategy is to leverage continuous in-house technology innovation to help our customers retain command and control of their assets anywhere in the world

The satellite ORBCOMM OG2 is the world's first and only commercial satellite network 100 percent dedicated for M2M.

CEO of ORBCOMM, Marc Eisenberg says, “Our continued focus is enabling our customers to do business better by integrating our ROI-driven products and services, whether it’s providing them with visibility into the supply chain, cost savings through operational efficiency or premier customer service from installation to deployment and beyond.” In one of the cases for providing visibility into the supply chain, a temperature-controlled carriers company, C.R England, had approached ORBCOMM for round-the-clock visibility as its trailer and cargo were at risk and untraceable many times. The company owns a fleet of 5,000 refrigerated trailers and 1,600 intermodal reefer containers, which were required to be tracked and managed. ORBCOMM suite of solution offered telematics devices, 24*7 cellular and satellite connectivity, and seamless data integration to C.R. England; enabling the management for trailer operations from a single, familiar interface—making it ever simpler.

By providing unique solutions that enable enterprises to maximize the return on investment of assets, ORBCOMM is setting the standard for innovation and services in M2M applications. Also, with the market valuation for M2M expected to reach nearly $86 Bn by 2017, the company finds endless possibilities in the global IoT and M2M communication market.


Rochelle Park, NJ

Marc Eisenberg, CEO

ORBCOMM's unique combination of global satellite, cellular and dual-mode network connectivity, bestows the M2M industry with the most complete service offering