Orbis Communications: Streamlining the Tracking of Experiential Learning Opportunities with a Customizable Solution

In the modern day, experiential learning opportunities are one of the ways through which institutions are differentiating themselves and ensuring their students gain the most from their post-secondary experience. However, managing and tracking of these opportunities poses as a hindrance. “We understand that not all departments work in the same way, and developed a customizable solution to manage the complex administration of experiential learning programs - such as Co-op, Internships, Field Placements, Research Projects, Labs – all while ensuring a standard framework across the institution as a whole,” says Devin Grady, CEO, Orbis Communications. He continues. “With our centralized depository, post-secondary institutions can efficiently manage their data and complete regular tasks using customizable, innovative modules.” As a leading provider of online software solutions for post-secondary institutions, Orbis Communications provides some of the most innovative and comprehensive solutions to address these issues.

In addition, Orbis recognizes there is not one solution to fit all, so the firm’s cloud-based software ensures institutions have the ability to choose the services they require to manage their experiential learning programs, with a focus on providing valuable reporting and analytics tools. At a juncture where schools are looking to work efficiently and implement cost-saving solutions, and in doing so, are starting to do away with multiple independent systems and instead amalgamating into one centralized, cloud-based system to manage their infrastructure, Orbis’s solution helps to provide a cost effective solution.

With our centralized depository, postsecondary institutions can efficiently manage their experiential learning programs using customizable, innovative modules

The other issue facing the management of these experiential learning tools is time. There is a tremendous amount of data and reporting involved in the execution of these programs. “By automating routine tasks such applicant tracking, employer relations tools, and tracking learning outcomes, our software ensures staff can do more in less time,” explains Grady.
Devin Grady, CEO
To perform these tasks in an efficient fashion, Orbis provides innovative modules that can be centralized in one portal. The Orbis Portal is fully customizable, ensuring departments are getting only the tools they need to manage their programs efficiently. Each portal allows administrators to choose the service delivery model for a particular group — such as career office, co-op office, or field practicum as part of a faculty. Grady says, “Our software can be tailored to fit with marketing and branding strategy of the institution, ensuring it is recognizable to all users.”

“At Orbis, our focus is on customer satisfaction. We have over 15 years of experience working with post-secondary institutions. We value the feedback we receive from our clients and continually work with campus partners to implement the tools they need to work better and optimize all their operation,” says Grady. Prior to commencing a new project, Orbis conducts a business process review to understand the requirements and functions of the client’s arena. “When we fully understand the way in which a department functions, we recommend the appropriate modules and customize those modules to ensure the client is receiving the features and tools relevant to their needs,” asserts Grady. For instance, the University of Waterloo needed a streamlined and cost effective solution to replace their multiple systems with a centralized one. The Orbis team created a unique solution, which can serve 19,000 cooperative students, across multiple disciplines, and enabled the University of Waterloo’s staff to efficiently manage the largest cooperative education system in North America.

Going forward, Orbis intends to continue with the growth of the centralized experiential learning system that transforms multiple legacy systems into one efficient solution for managing data and using it in meaningful ways. “We will be integrating more features into our products to serve our clients more vigorously and also develop a strong collaboration with our customers for better growth and prosperity,” concludes Grady.

Orbis Communications

Dundas, ON

Devin Grady, CEO

Orbis Communications has created enterprise management solution for experiential learning programs that eliminates the need for miscellaneous databases and complicated spreadsheet tracking.