Orbit GeoSpatial Technologies: Reimagining 3D Mapping

Peter Bonne, CEO
Businesses are evolving the majority of their mapping operations from 2D to 3D, gaining on safety, performance, efficiency, and automation. However, this shift to 3D mapping is not without challenges. The biggest issues come from the sheer volume of data, its access performance, the diversity of sensors, the lack of standards, and absent workflow integration tools. Addressing these challenges is key for Orbit GeoSpatial Technologies (Orbit GT) by offering desktop and cloud-based 3D mapping applications, which not only manage sheer volume of 3D data but also help assess the data for real world features that really matter for the job. “You may look at it as a professional version of Google’s Street View that will be part of every GIS desktop of web application,” remarks Peter Bonne, CEO, Orbit GT. The technical domains in which Orbit GT excel are the one which collects huge volumes of data in 3D: outdoor and indoor mobile mapping, drone based, man portable, aerial mapping, and more.

With its 3D Mapping Cloud, Orbit GT brings the 3D reality to the mapping experts to not only solve the challenges in managing huge 3D data sets, but also help professionals identifying and monitoring critical infrastructure and share their analysis with their entire organizations. “Our expertise is not only about great software solutions. It is also about optimizing the customer’s workflow, creating easy access to complex data, democratizing the availability and use of 3D data, making life easier for tens of thousands of users involved,” states Bonne.

Orbit GT optimizes the entire workflow from raw data collection, data management, and extraction of actionable data to sharing of the source data and deliveries with end-users—bringing it into CAD and GIS workflows. With the SaaS product 3D Mapping. Cloud, geospatial experts can exploit voluminous amount of 3D Mapping data, typically collected as LiDAR or image data—from mobile, UAS, indoor, terrestrial scanning or oblique mapping.

At Orbit GT, we bring ease of sharing, re-use, fusion, and integration of petabytes of data accessible for everyone

“At Orbit GT, we bring ease of sharing, re-use, fusion or sources and integration of petabytes of data accessible for everyone in the mapping and surveying business to work more efficiently, while streamlining and optimizing workflows, as well as reducing overhead,” asserts Bonne.

Bonne points out a use case where several customers of Orbit GT have simplified their production workflow significantly by replacing multitude of single-job tools to one comprehensive platform. By leveraging Orbit GT’s feature extraction toolset, customers can now, easily connect to a database, where data is shared in real-time with other departments that are operating GIS and CAD tasks. “This broad portfolio, flexibility, and simplification of the process have a dramatic impact on the customers’ performance, resulting in increased business benefits and higher customer satisfaction,” affirms Bonne. “We go the extra mile to make things easy. We have worked hard to gain strong industry support and proud to say that all major 3D mapping hardware vendors are either partners or even resellers of our software.”

It is no doubt that the future of 3D Mapping will be cloud based, facilitating much more computation power, data integration and sharing capabilities, and bringing 3D mapping to the user’s desktop, beyond the surveying and mapping business. With this in mind, Orbit GT has recently added the 3D mapping. Cloud SaaS product to its portfolio, incorporating new technologies, developments and possibilities to further avoid the challenges arising from 3D data capture. “Innovation drives us ahead, and as innovators do, we try to look years ahead and invest heavily in R&D.”

Orbit GeoSpatial Technologies


Peter Bonne, CEO

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