Orbit Logistics Group: Comprehensive VMI and SCM Solutions

Dr. Silvio Stephan, CEO
The chemical industry creates an immense variety of products which affect virtually every aspect of our lives. However, companies in the chemical arena are conservative in adapting new technologies and still use legacy systems, leading to significant challenges. “The firms need to move toward migratory environments as well as an integrated supply chain system that fits the current needs effectively,” says Silvio Stephan, CEO, Orbit Logistics Group. Addressing these challenges through interoperability and connectivity solutions, Orbit Logistics, together with their partners, e.g. Elemica, acts as a connecting hub for large chemical organizations. “We also empower organizations with integrated messaging, along with a fully assimilated solution in terms of ‘procurement to pay’ and ‘order to cash’,” adds Stephan.

Orbit Logistics is one of the leading international providers of inventory management solutions such as Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) and Supply Chain Management (SCM). The company also offers add-on solutions that automatically manage consigned inventory at customers’ locations. Leveraging recent trends, Orbit Logistics provides cloud hosting technologies and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solutions, helping customers decrease their expenses by reducing the need to purchase any new server storage capability and therefore increase productivity. “Our solutions are available in the cloud, so connectivity, visualization, and customized web portals are part of our eco-system,” explains Stephan. This helps the company to provide services of interoperability, data security,and visibility for all partners along the supply chain.

Orbit Logistics provides inventory management and supply chain solutions to the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. The company delivers inventory monitoring on site, using measurement technologies like radar for capturing bulk goods, while utilizing Radio-frequency identification (RFID), bar codes and scales for packaged goods. In addition, the company assists in warehouse management as well as with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems like SAP to support a full integrated process on the buyer and the supplier site. “We enable visualization and automateorders so that the replenishment process is not performed manually, enabling resourceful collaboration between trading partners,” notes Stephan.

Our solutions are available in the cloud, so connectivity, visualization, and customized web portals are part of our eco-system

Building more on their user’s needs than following a competitor’s approach is what makes Orbit Logistics different from other solution providers. Once, a large paper manufacturing firm in Europe was facing challenge as they were investing significantly on their production unit, but with less storage capability. While they increased their production capacity, they had to bring in enormous amounts of raw materials from different chemical enterprises. As a result, the firm needed to handle multiple orders but faced insufficient storage capacity. And if one chemical or component required to make the paper runs out, the consequences can be extremely adverse for the organization. Eventually, the firm knocked on the doors of Orbit Logistics, who empowered them with a solution that can automatically capture and visualize the inventory information. Orbit Logistics also facilitated the client with an artificial system, based on their consumption pattern that created production forecasts and allowed automatic planning and execution of order placement. Owing to these implementations, the client gained complete visibility along with the reduction in unscheduled or unplanned production stops. “We excel in providing end-to-end solutions as well as performing visualization, order automation, and hosting processes,” adds the CEO.

Stephan, who actively practices Wing Chun, a Chinese martial art, believes there can be synergy in managing a technology company and practicing an art form. Ultimately, every trainee or staff member needs to be trained and dedicated to achieve success. Forging ahead, Orbit Logistics will launch new Internet of things (IoT) solutions. “We also plan on expanding our presence globally, serving both big chemical organizations and small and medium-sized businesses,” concludes Stephan.

Orbit Logistics Group

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Dr. Silvio Stephan, CEO

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