OrchestratedBEER: Business Management Software for Craft Breweries

Brad Windecker President & CEO
OrchestratedBEER was founded with a single mission—to automate accounting and The Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) reports, tracking beer batches and inventory, streamlining, planning, and scheduling production orders. Based in Beaverton, OR, OrchestratedBEER is all-in-one brewery management software solution that helps in managing every aspect of the business.

It turns the brewery into a well-oiled machine by taking all that data one usually manages in spreadsheets and whiteboards, and makes it digital so that everyone has access to the data they require to complete their daily duties. The software’s core features include automated accounting, inventory tracking, production management, production scheduler, Material Requirement Planning (MRP), Supply Chain Management, Sales Order Fulfillment, CRM, and TTB reporting. The company has an automated accounting system where the team pre determines how the transactions and the financial flow throughout the system, based on the different processes that occur daily, throughout the brewery.

OrchestratedBeer has full accounting functionality that eliminates the need for book keeping software. The company automates journal entries as each process occurs, in order to provide instantaneous financial views of the business. “As production, purchasing and sales occur, we automatically create system generated journal entries behind the scenes to account for financial changes in the business,” explains Brad Windecker, President and CEO, OrchestratedBEER. Windecker leads a talented team with the unified mission of helping growing industries run better.

Another key feature, Brewery Inventory Management Software, solves the problems of convoluted, multiple tab spreadsheets. OrchestratedBEER automates inventory process as each procedure occurs to provide real-time inventory stock levels. It also automatically decrements or increments inventory behind the scenes to make inventory tracking nearly effortless. The Inventory Management Functionality includes Item Master Data, Batch & Lot Tracking, Good Receipt & Goods Issue, Alternative Items, Pick & Pack Management, Inventory Levels and Physical Inventory Counting.

The company’s production management functionality eliminates the need to spend more time planning production. OrchestratedBEER streamlines production process by managing the different processes of each style of beer.
Being a process oriented brewery management software; it creates transactions for every step in the production process—Wort, Green Beer, Brite beer &packaging. This is not only crucial for traceability but also depends on how the system automatically populates Brewer’s Report of operations for Future Reporting.

OrchestratedBEER’s purchasing and receiving capabilities keep raw materials inventory up-to-date to anticipate purchasing needs. “We optimize purchasing by providing purchasing management capabilities to ensure that customers have enough ingredients available,” explains Windecker. The company’s sales management capability is designed to do away with dual entry.

We automatically create system generated journal entries behind the scenes to account for financial changes in the business

OrchestratedBEER makes sales and fulfillment processes more efficient by creating both inventory and accounting transactions, automatically and in real-time. As orders are fulfilled, inventory quantities are automatically decremented and customer account balances are simultaneously incremented.

The company’s Enterprise Brewery Management Software is a full management system with multi-location facilities, large regional breweries, advanced distribution networks, 3rd party integrations, advanced reporting and custom needs. It is recommended for breweries with advanced needs and custom requirements and exceeds the criteria of having 20-1,000 users; produce 100,000+bbls on a yearly basis, contract brewing and self-distribution systems, having multiple production locations and custom needs.

Moving ahead, “We will be introducing new products and services that leverage its unique automated accounting tools. We plan to expand our business and soon come up with further efficient and cost effective solutions,” concludes Windecker.


Beaberton, OR

Brad Windecker President & CEO

All-in-one brewery management software solution to manage every aspect of the business.