Orchestro: Harmonizing Demand Data for Effective Omnichannel Execution

PV Boccasam, CEO
“Instead of making 100 items and determining whether there are 100 buyers, organizations need to match supply with existing demand,” establishes PV Boccasam, CEO, Orchestro. He believes it is important that insights delivered to clients help them execute profitable actions. By harmonizing demand data, adding value, performing predictive analyses, and then monetizing it—in short, orchestrating data—Orchestro has become a major player in demand analytics and data orchestration. Through its proprietary demand orchestration platform, Tango, McLean, VA based Orchestro enables CPG organizations to effectively tackle omni-channel challenges. “These challenges stem from trends like rapid adoption of mobile where 50 percent of e-commerce transactions happen in-store to Buy Online, Pickup in Store, which represents upto 15 percent of all in-store sales,” explains Boccasam.

While these trends are driving an explosive growth of data, many analytics solutions fail to deliver actionable insights. Orchestro’s clients, both large CPG organizations and SMBs, tell a different tale. Powered by Tango, these organizations can orchestrate between internal silos, with their retailer partners, in-store and online sales, demand and supply, and inventory and cash.

“We are in the business of converting analyzed data into dollars,” remarks Boccasam. “We enable our customers to gain significant increases in revenue by identifying gaps in inventory. For example, by improving on-shelf availability by three percent, an organization can achieve upwards of a one percent increase in revenue.”

Tango has three major components. Leveraging Tango Science, organizations can prevent overstock or out-of-stock situations. Its pre-emptive analytics engine helps rectify an individual’s forecast to match supply with existing demand. Brand managers, supply chain managers, and sales teams can effectively predict consumer demand through Tango Insights’ reports, metrics, dashboards, and alerts. Additionally, Orchestro’s Harmonizer delivers an enterprise-class demand signal repository that enables organizations to ingest, organize, and verify demand data of all types—including demographic, weather, gas prices etc. “Once organizations understand the key set of profitable metrics that matter, we can prioritize actions that align their business objectives with those of their retail partners,” states Boccasam. “We adopt a simple 4P approach: pinpoint, prioritize, pre-empt, profit.”

Once organizations understand the key set of profitable metrics that matter, we can prioritize actions that align their business objectives with those of their retail partners

One of the beneficiaries of such an approach was a major food and beverage corporation. They wanted better insight into key promotional activities across multiple channels and events such as NCAA Basketball’s “March Madness” and the NFL’s Super Bowl. Given the viewership of these major sporting events, an organization needs to do more than traditional promotions. Upon assessing the situation, Orchestro gave the client the ability to track their promotions from store delivery to customer sales. By increasing speed-to-insight, harmonizing disparate demand data signals and applying adaptive analytics, the company could execute profitable actions before, during and after the promotion. “The food and beverage giant was able to improve in-store promotion execution resulting in sales uplift of over 30 percent,” adds Boccasam.

Orchestro thrives on similar success stories across many of its clients. Orchestro’s environment annually processes $600 billion (revenue) worth of consumer demand. Essentially, Orchestro acts as a Data DJ, mashing up Point Of Sale (POS) data with inventory, syndicate, shipment and operational data, along with a myriad other sources. This creates a harmonized data stream that can be consumed within and across the organization for various analyses affecting the business.

“We are enabling one-click analytics for organizations, so they are able to assess the impact of various elements—weather, demographics, and market—on the sales of products,” says Boccasam. “We are the only technology company in the U.S. that does POS, order, and promotional forecasting.” By combining these analyses, Tango accurately forecasts where the demand is coming from. With the prospect of an IPO on the horizon, the orchestration behemoth is innovating to enable organizations to adapt to rapidly changing consumer demands.


McLean, VA,

PV Boccasam, CEO

Provider of data orchestration and demand analytics for the world’s leading consumer goods companies