OrecX: Offering Modular Recording Applications to Contact Centers

Steve D. Kaiser Co-Founder & CEO
The diversified nature of today’s work has prompted people and organizations to utilize a single platform to communicate and transfer information in an effective manner. A Unified Communication (UC) system is one such solution that creates a way to interact and share information effortlessly under a sole structure. Major trends like Cloud-based UC, webRTC, and the increasing use of video are now reshaping UC landscape with a potential to modify end-to-end communication process. OrecX, a Chicago, IL, based firm offers solutions that enable companies to adapt these trends and also assure smooth flow of communications.

OrecX offers full-featured call recording (landline and mobile) and quality monitoring software to contact centers, communication service providers and financial services firms to meet quality and compliance standards. OrecX’s contact center software Oreka TR performs the monitoring and call recording function to deliver better service, minimize risk and increase compliance. In addition, a powerful recording engine of OrecX drives modular recording applications—total/on-demand recording; Quality management; screen recording; and mobile recording across the contact centers. “From day one, our approach was to build a powerful voice 'collection' engine that could adapt to the varying and evolving needs of our customers,” says Steve D. Kaiser, Co- Founder and CEO, OrecX.

OrecX serves an array of customers who have different needs. The open design, modular applications, and open API enable OrecX to meet a wide array of recording requirements. For instance, the SMB market’s needs are met by a simple and intuitive UI. Simultaneously, the enterprise players like the call centers require support for heterogeneous environments to function at ease. Since the requirement is diverse, while comparing to different customers, staying compliant and ensuring service quality is a huge challenge. These varied challenges are addressed by OrecX's powerful recording engine.

The company’s customer base covers all sizes of contact centers including some of the biggest brands in the world. For instance, a channel partner wanted to authenticate a new voice requirement in the contact center.
The client needed to validate this new voice into their existing system which also included API scalability, media format, and restricted access to the database. Unfortunately, the complexity and cost made it impractical to implement the additional voice requirement with their existing vendor. OrecX came forward to help them by offering an affordable and easy to install solution to authenticate the voice requirement. “We were able to prove and achieve the specific requirement of the client with an elegant low-cost solution,” says Kaiser.

After the implementation, the channel partner was able to reduce the call length and fraud across their operations, thereby reducing costs, and minimizing liability.
Innovation is a key strategy of OrecX to match with the trends more aggressively. “Our developers and engineers are concerned with Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) standard s , maintaining modern and o p e n development libraries,” asserts Bruno Haas, OrecX CTO. Presently, the specific areas of focus are on building a representational state transfer (REST) API and supporting web-scale architecture. “We create value to our customers by offering a simple, powerful, and adaptive recording solution that meets their requirements at minimal cost of propriety models,” states Kaiser.

The open design, modular applications, and open API enable OrecX to meet a wide array of recording requirements

Moving forward, OrecX desires to deploy extensible platforms or solutions to be on the radar of many companies. “We will support their efforts with our REST API development efforts. We give preference to large enterprises and service providers that are building web-scale IT architecture, as they are high on the priority list,” states Kaiser. To expand their commercial business, OrecX will continue to seek partners across the globe to add expertise and value to the end-user community.


Chicago, IL

Steve D. Kaiser Co-Founder & CEO and Bruno Haas Co-Founder & CTO Bruce D. Kaskey Co-Founder

Offers easy to install, maintain, and use open source call recording software for contact centers and communication service providers