Origami Risk: A Scalable Risk and Compliance Management Mechanism

Robert Petrie, CEO
The ability to manage risk and compliance, both centrally and at the local level, is crucial to every organization, especially because the laws regulating these functions keep changing. “We continue to see a dynamic regulatory environment at multiple levels, marked by frequent adjustments in reporting and governance requirements and refinements in standards,” states Robert Petrie, CEO, Origami Risk. To consistently comply with evolving regulations, organizations need to employ more sophisticated and holistic approaches to manage their risk and compliance-related operations. Origami Risk addresses the full gamut of these needs with its cloud-based risk information management platform that does not just tick all the boxes, but also offers the flexibility to manage risk and compliance either centrally or at the local level. The company’s risk management information system (RMIS), enterprise risk management (ERM), claims management, and policy management systems are integrated to provide speed, flexibility, and automation to clients in all industries and the public sector.

Origami’s scalable risk management information platform serves as an interactive “command center” for clients to identify, reduce, manage, and monitor risk within specific operations and across their enterprise. They can efficiently collect comprehensive risk data from a wide variety of sources and standardize that information for easy analysis. Clients can rely on tailored rules-based decision-making tools to automatically trigger risk management initiatives, calculate the total cost of risk, highlight risk financing needs, or monitor enterprise-wide regulatory compliance. Origami also provides increased visibility into clients’ loss control activities with advanced analytics at their fingertips to support their ERM and governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) initiatives. “As an example, we provide specific tools that enable risk management and safety professionals to work collaboratively and more efficiently when compiling and monitoring safety metrics,” remarks Petrie.
The company’s platform makes sophisticated data analysis simple and straightforward with the tools to standardize, compare, present and disseminate data from multiple sources in a visual format, and automatically generate and distribute recurring or ad-hoc reports. The platform’s ability to integrate with any claims management software is another added advantage for clients. This functionality provides insurance adjusters with automated access to forms, rates, rules, and regulations to streamline their adjudication process. This allows clients to automatically access and complete the correct document from Origami’s library of over 5,000 forms and letters of correspondence.

These capabilities of the Origami platform are demonstrated by many successful engagements managed by the company over the years. One such project involves Holiday Retirement, a provider of independent senior living in the U.S., a concept invented by the firm in 1971. Holiday Retirement sought Origami’s assistance for their risk management information needs, including compliance with OSHA reporting requirements. The client previously had a manual and cumbersome system in place for OSHA compliance, logs, and reporting, which required extensive training of field-level associates and intervention by home office personnel. However, now, with workflow tools that the Holiday Retirement team created in Origami, the firm can instantly generate OSHA reports and logs with minimal end-user involvement. This saves countless hours in reporting, training, and checking for accuracy and compliance.

Origami continues to focus on providing clients with a robust risk technology solution backed by the highest level of service, which has enabled them to become the industry leader with the highest level of client satisfaction as ranked by multiple independent studies. Additionally, with the commitment to recruiting and retaining the industry’s finest talent, Origami has earned the trust of a vast customer base. They are consistently recognized with innovation and awards for best places to work. “We are constantly expanding the sales and service teams in the U.S. and Europe to meet the needs of our rapidly growing client base. Client success is the focus of everything we do,” states Petrie.

Origami Risk

Chicago, IL

Robert Petrie, CEO

Offers the only cloud-based software to provide integrated solutions to the entire insurance value chain, address the various risk information management and compliance needs of Risk Managers, Brokers, TPAs and Carriers

Origami Risk