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Chris Liversidge, Founder & Executive Director
Chris Liversidge, executive director and founder of Orion Global MS sounds exuberant when he says that his company is both ISO 9001:2015 and 27001:2013 certified. These international standards for quality management and information security are attained only after a rigorous evaluation process. “Gaining accreditation of these internationally recognized standards for IT services demonstrates our commitment to providing a high-quality service to our customers consistently,” he mentions. Backed by those golden standards, Orion Global MS is a truly global IT services delivery company, offering high-class technical support, maintenance, and professional services worldwide across 150 different countries. With 11,000 plus workforce of technicians spread over those diverse regions, they have a team with access to the best hardware stock sites to provide a 24/7 single point of contact solution to meet all kinds of IT installations and repair needs.

According to Gartner, the worldwide spending on IT services is about 935 billion U.S. dollars. Rapid advances in technology, in almost every industry have boosted the IT services sector. As a result, there is an increased demand for essential IT services such as infrastructure consultation and maintenance, system development and solutions, support and service desk, web and marketing as well as cloud services. On the flip side, unlike European nations where technicians are readily available, getting access to experienced service personnel in the Asian countries is challenging. And as organizations keep updating their IT resources frequently, it is imperative to have a qualified engineer on board. To this end, Orion Global MS conducts a robust and competitive recruitment process for hiring engineers. Their skills, as well as certifications, are professionally examined and approved, and their CVs are made available upon request.

“Orion Global MS offers reliable and responsive IT support by being a single point of contact for all IT support requirements, adhering to a service level agreement chosen by the client,” states Liversidge. As the internet and mobile devices have become the omnipresent force that defines business success, there isn’t a single sector that doesn’t require IT services. And for that reason, Orion Global MS doesn’t focus just on one particular vertical, but instead utilizes their 30 years of proven track record to look after the global IT infrastructure of their clients.
Liversidge credits a part of their success to the solid business partnerships they make. The company works alongside some of the leading resellers, manufacturers, VARs, and MSPs, providing a fully white-labeled service. As of now, over 200 channel partners trust them to deliver the right technical skill set to site consistently.

Orion Global MS offers reliable and responsive IT support by being a single point of contact for all IT support requirements, adhering to a service level agreement chosen by the client

A remarkable feature that augments Orion Global MS’s services is their state of the art ticketing system that provides 24×7 access to an online portal which shows live status of all incidents. Both the clients and technicians can obtain information from this portal and cater to the client requirements. Their multi-vendor approach allows them to match the right skills for a client’s unique issues. In one such instance, a global travel and tourism company approached Orion Global MS for their services. The client was required to reinstall software on all their laptops along with modernizing their back office in the Mediterranean area. The challenge was that the client also wanted to destroy their old machines without losing any data. Orion Global MS was able to complete the assignment on time, collaborating with their channel partner. The company adhered to environment-friendly disposal standards in each country and certifies of having secure destruction.

One of the unique value propositions they bring about is the speed of communication they have with their customers. The ability to give a fast response enables them to diagnose the work and requirements quickly. “We have been complimented many times for our ability to respond fast and complete the assignments on time, and our clients consider us an extension of their service arm” states Liversidge. Citing the company’s future, he says, “We are on a mission to expand our stock locations, and updates for the online-portal are also underway.”

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Chris Liversidge, Founder & Executive Director

Specialists in global IT support services and resource. We are a truly global IT services company but expertly local. Our dedicated team of IT engineers are available around the clock in over 150 countries, each one with English and local language skills and knowledge. We offer instant access to level 1 technicians up to level 6 consultants with a range of technical ability, across multiple technologies