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Yacov Wrocherinsky, President & CEO
The deluge of digitalization continues to transform consumer demands, expectations and the buyer’s journey. An exigency for digital services presents a challenge for the CPG industry, particularly in the retail, food manufacturing, and distribution sectors that continues to bank on legacy technology. “CPG companies are at a tipping point where they must shift to a digital mindset and adopt technology-enabled processes or risk losing their business,” reveals Yacov Wrocherinsky, President and CEO, Orion Global Solutions.

While deciding to replace expensive, proprietary, legacy systems with cloud technology is a start, a digital transformation journey that results in loyal customers and revenue growth requires a strategy that truly leverages cloud platforms. This is where Orion Global Solutions steps in as trusted cloud advisory partner that guides CPG companies through their digital transformation. They enable clients to harness the power of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms.

Highlighting one of the biggest challenges for CPG companies—selecting the right technology platform— Wrocherinsky states, “Selecting the right technology can be a daunting task for companies that attempt to navigate this critical process without experienced guidance. Making a mistake in this initiative can be costly, both strategically and financially. Hiring a team of external experts to be on your side and guide you through the selection and implementation, with adoption and best practices in mind, is invaluable.”

As part of its approach, Orion team members leverage their experience from over 1000+ CRM projects to ensure vendors and partners align with client’s overall business strategy. The route to successful deployment of cloud technology begins with an extensive discovery process to determine a client’s current and future challenges, as well as goals. “We help clients envision what’s possible, develop roadmaps, and architect solutions that align people and process with the latest digital technologies,” Wrocherinsky says.

Orion was recently engaged with a leading food manufacturing and distribution company that needed assistance navigating the evaluation of new technology options after a failed legacy CRM implementation.

We help clients envision what’s possible, develop roadmaps, and architect solutions that align people and process with the latest digital technologies

The advisory project included comparing two software solutions against the right use cases, developing proofs of concepts, and assembling an expert team. The client selected Salesforce, and Orion was able to leverage its close relationship with the publisher as a Salesforce Silver Consulting Partner, resulting in immediate ROI.

Salesforce’s comprehensive customer success platform, including, Sales, Service, Marketing, Communities, Analytics, and Artificial Intelligence, allows Orion to continue building creative solutions that help CPG companies exceed their goals.

“A critical component of the digital transformation journey is the integration of data from multiple platforms and business silos,” Wrocherinsky emphasizes. Orion consultants have partnered with Scribe for many years to provide seamless solutions for CRM clients. Scribe offers cloud-based (iPaaS) and on-premise data integration platforms that connect Salesforce with dozens of applications, data services, databases, and systems. Bringing together customer-related data from anywhere gives decision makers real-time access to information and streamline operations.

By empowering CPG companies with 360 degree views of their customers, insights into the buyer journey, and tools to improve their products and services, Orion’s clients move ahead. With decades of experience, a dedicated team of innovative consultants and a strong industry expertise, Orion is a leading provider in the CPG digital revolution. As a seasoned CRM entrepreneur, Wrocherinsky believes “leveraging technologies like CRM is mission critical for CPG companies and the time to act on it is now.”

Orion Global Solutions

New York, NY

Yacov Wrocherinsky, President & CEO

Cloud advisory partner enabling digital transformation of business processes through innovative solutions built on the Salesforce platform. Orion is a Salesforce Silver Consulting Partner

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