Orion: The Orion Voice Platform: Unified Communications for Today’s Frontline Workforce and Connected Enterprise

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Gregory Taylor, CEO Frontline workers in industries such as transportation, logistics, manufacturing, retail, security, and hospitality operate in highly dynamic and distributed environments. Their services are essential to a successful enterprise. But while frontline operational functions are mission critical, frontline workers often lack the communication tools they need to collaborate with teams, other on-the-go workers, or ‘desked’ knowledge workers across the enterprise. Connecting frontline workers to enterprise technology ensures they operate as a cohesive, productive resource for their organization.

Today’s enterprises with frontline operations and customer-facing teams urgently need a voice-first solution to help grow revenue and serve customers most effectively and efficiently. Without the right, easy and intuitive technology, they look for workarounds like multiple devices to communicate with teams or access important information.

“Orion’s platform is a radical advancement in UC beyond legacy pushto- talk, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), and Land Mobile Radio (LMR), delivering voice-driven automation that is a generational leap in capability for connecting front-line workers. These workers generally don’t have direct access to back-of-house applications, and they may not have access to computers or even corporate email. Giving them a connection to these systems via a voicedriven interface will drive the same kind of productivity gains that the personal computer brought to corporate offices 30 years ago.”

Improve Operational Velocity, Customer Service, and Revenue Growth

Today’s enterprises need to connect the entire workforce — desked and deskless — with sophisticated, always-available multimodal communications that are optimized for broadcast, team, and oneto- one direct communications via secure voice, text, video, and image collaboration. Unified Communications offers this transformative opportunity to bring these workstreams into the digital enterprise. However, most UC systems focus on knowledge or desked workers, leaving frontline workers behind.

“Our customers come to Orion to solve ongoing frontline workforce communications challenges that constrain operational velocity, customer service, and revenue growth,” says Orion CEO Greg Taylor. “These enterprises know global operations are part of a complex value chain, yet each employee is often disconnected from team members, data, and information. They are completely removed from upstream and downstream operational facilities and helpful data and information systems.”

Orion helps frontline operations do more with less to solve problems like increasing the efficiency of delivering or producing goods, improving customer service, boosting productivity and safety, and achieving a true competitive advantage. After all, voice is the natural interface of workers on the go. Enterprises use Orion to achieve Unified Communications and digital enterprise strategies via real-time collaboration, process automation, and seamless access to information.

The Next Generation of Frontline Unified Communications

Orion meets the prerequisites for an enterprise-ready frontline collaboration solution: real-time streaming communication over any distance, any network, and any device; multimodal collaboration with voice, text, photos, files, and videos; an operations center with dispatch console and web-based push-totalk; and operational visibility, mapping, and oversight. Real-time PTT connectivity bridges all workers across VoIP and LMR radio as well.
“Unfortunately, most PTT vendors and all VoIP vendors, cannot meet the fundamental technical and use-case requirements to support the UC needs of the deskless workforce,” says Taylor.

Here’s how Orion’s innovative communication and collaboration platform changes the UC game:

Voice-Enabled Applications with Orion Voice AI Bots

Orion provides unique and innovative Voice AI Bots to query enterprise systems for data in real time; they maintain state and automate processes. Orion Voice AI Bots come in three flavors: standard packaged Voice Bots from the Orion Bot Library, configurable Voice Bots that are easily API-connected to any enterprise system, and fully customized Voice Bots to meet any customer-required workflow. Examples of Orion Bots include standard operating procedures (SOPs) that increase worker productivity and safety, real-time queries of retail orders, inventory and price checks, enterprise device status in a platform like Honeywell Operational Intelligence, maintenance records and IoT machine status, and voice-automated ServiceNow support ticket generation and workflows — all in real time from the point of work.

Voice Bots help teams react faster and more accurately in critical situations or emergencies and amplify team member knowledge by connecting them with corporate systems and third-party services to provide real-time intelligence. Frontline teams access value-added services like real-time language translation and transcription. Orion’s geofence or locationbased triggers allow organizations to set limited-access areas that are geofenced to notify managers or teams when personnel enter or leave a secure location.

The value of voice automating routine tasks compounds over time as workers remain heads up and hands free. Automatic archiving of these processes eliminates the need to manual transfer data from paper to computer and stored records make compliance simpler. Enterprises are now able to capture a complete picture of operations.

Bi-directional, real-time language translation is a powerful productivity Voice Bot that unlocks access to an expanded labor pool. Each worker communicates and receives responses from team members in their native language, ensuring clarity. During periods like the current labor shortage, Bots such as language translation make an immediate impact for teams needing to do more with less.

Orion Voice Bots open up a new frontier of worker voice interaction from anywhere, in real time, to enterprise backbone systems, whether those systems are in the cloud or internal data centers

“Orion Voice Bots open up a new frontier of worker voice interaction from anywhere, in real time, to enterprise backbone systems, whether those systems are in the cloud or internal data centers. The competitive landscape will be defined by those enterprises empowering and connecting their workforces with voice-enabled applications to increase operational velocity by speeding collaboration and breaking down silos of information held captive in corporate systems unavailable to frontline and edge workers at the actual point of work,” says Taylor.

Patented API Enables Industry Solution Integrations

A critical component of Unified Communications is seamless access to business applications, third-party services, and information that impacts job performance. Orion’s patented API layer integrates voice into corporate systems and adds voice activation to operational applications such as property, task, incident, and workforce management; routing; and situational awareness solutions.

“Orion’s API layer digitally connects frontline workers to the enterprise and supports all the possibilities of Unified Communications,” says Taylor. “Orion ensures frontline employees can access knowledge and information on the go at point of work to better serve customers and be more productive.”
With Orion, frontline workers gain the ability to retrieve critical information from systems, training manuals, and subject matter experts (SMEs) that help them improve productivity. Similarly, corporate back-end systems provide access to inventory, pricing, guides, manuals, and knowledge bases. Orion amplifies its impact by integrating with respected thirdparty service providers like IBM Watson, Microsoft, Twilio, Mapbox, Slack, MS Teams, HotSOS, ALICE, ADEPT, HERE, ESRI, ATAK, and more.

First End-to-End Encrypted Secure Platform

End-to-End Encryption (E2EE) is a requirement for today’s enterprise UC platforms. Each message sent over Orion is encrypted, so enterprises know that proprietary and sensitive information, personally identifiable information (PII), communications, and — most important — their workers, are always protected. Every company can rest assured that operations are secure.

Orion deploys in-cloud, on-premise, or on-site air-gapped to support any organization’s security and corporate governance requirements.

Improve Frontline Productivity Across Industries with Large Deskless Teams

Frontline industries like transportation, logistics, manufacturing, retail, security, and hospitality each realize benefits from Orion. Here are a few of the transformative use cases: Voice-first access to teams and information while automating processes help frontline workers across industries to provide better service to guests and customers, increase efficiency and productivity, and improve safety.

TRANSPORTATION and LOGISTICS operations struggle to maintain operational oversight and seamless communications with a dispersed workforce. Orion offers a complete view of these on-the-go operations, giving dispatchers and managers real-time insights into driver locations and activities. LTE coverage means drivers don’t lose connectivity due to range. And Voice AI Bots offload tasks like “Radio Checks” so dispatchers can free up time. One Orion transit customer uses Radio Check Bots to eliminate burdensome dispatcher responses and reduce costs by $700,000 per year.

MANUFACTURING workers are distributed across large plants or multiple sites often face connectivity issues when they lose Wi-Fi or radio range. Orion provides always-on communication over Wi-Fi and LTE so workers are always connected to teams. Voice AI Bots help teams strengthen safety culture and operate more effectively with SOPs, geofence triggers, man down alerts, and more. Manufacturing teams with Orion perform better and reduce safety incidents.

RETAIL teams require tools that help drive profit and provide superior customer service, despite increasingly complex operations like BOPIS, BOPAC, and sameday delivery. High employee turnover and seasonal staff mean retail operations need innovative ways to get new staff up to speed on Day 1. Orion ensures staff are productive in less time with voice-driven access to SMEs, managers, and the realtime information they need to do their jobs. Voice AI Bots provide support by querying backend systems for information like price checks and inventory checks.

“Orion’s API layer digitally connects frontline workers to the enterprise and supports all the possibilities of Unified Communications”

SECURITY teams often struggle to communicate with team members, and limited technology like radios don’t provide adequate situational intelligence. Orion provides highly-available, E2EE communications that help security teams better coordinate and take action to respond faster to critical situations.

HOSPITALITY staff need the seamless ability to communicate with their team and other operational teams — regardless of each worker's primary language with Orion’s Language Translation Bot — across large properties as they strive to provide the ultimate guest experience. Orion ensures staff instantly reach team members, respond to operational demands, and make fast decisions to meet guest expectations.

Orion: The Future of Unified Communications

Enterprises adopting Unified Communications to digitize frontline operations must have secure, voice-first communications layered with Voice AI Bots and third-party integrations. Ultimately, Orion provides digital transformation that fully connects teams to the digital enterprise and unlocks the innovation required in today’s marketplace.

“Digital transformation is necessary to compete in today’s business environment — especially when it comes to the frontline workforce. Unified Communications via Orion is the bridge that brings frontline workers fully into the connected, digital enterprise,” says Taylor.

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Orion radically modernizes and innovates frontline communications and push-to-talk, bringing frontline workers into the connected enterprise. Frontline teams use Orion’s Unified Communications solution to improve productivity, react faster in critical situations, amplify team member knowledge, and gain real-time intelligence.

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