Orion Systems Integrators: The Cloud Services Strategizer

Sunil Mehta, Founder, CEO & President
Cloud computing has infused the market and set the stage for an innovative approach to IT that allows businesses to acquire IT services with a reduced emphasis on the constraints of traditional software and hardware licensing models. Enterprise leaders across the globe are becoming increasingly aware of the need to embed cloud into the fabric of their IT and develop an effective cloud strategy that allows optimization of existing IT environments through effective integration of resources into the cloud. However the transition of IT to cloud brings with itself a host of challenges such as optimizing existing IT environments, security and compliance and cost among others. Transitioning companies require an IT services provider that can help them understand the impact of cloud on their business and make the transition seamless. Orion Systems Integrators is a leading name in this segment and offers a variety of cloud services and solutions.

Founded in 1993, the company helps clients optimize their existing IT environment through effective integration of resources into the cloud and meet the unique business needs of their organization. “Orion provides services such as development of a strategy of gradual transition to the cloud, design and synchronization of the IT architecture (for instance, by building hybrid clouds) and deployment of the cloud infrastructure and continuous technological audit of the project,” adds Sunil Mehta, Founder, CEO, President of the company. Their services include an assessment, report, and recommendations that helps companies determine and understand such critical problems such as analyzing the value added by cloud to a business, specific areas that benefit the most, new opportunities and cost.
The Monmouth Junction based company believes in differentiating itself in the rather crowded cloud services provider industry by adopting a unique customer-centric approach. “Our unique ability to listen to our clients; putting their needs first and paying close attention to those requirements helps us develop and deliver innovative solutions that live up to their expectations,” explains Mehta. The Orion workforce has the right attitude that translates into a healthy and productive work environment. The company also makes it a point to deliver services and solutions on-time and on-budget. A testament to their prowess in the sphere is that several of their clients have been with Orion for over 15 years.

The industry is witnessing a high demand for IT Services driven by platform innovation in the mobile, cloud, Big Data and social technologies. Orion wants to leverage this trend further and thus makes sure that the consultants are trained in the emerging technologies. The company plans to expand its geographical reach and is looking at Latin America and Africa as future markets. “Additionally we are looking ahead and diversifying for the “IT solution needs of tomorrow. This includes building smarter tools and products utilizing technologies such as mobility and cloud integration,” adds Mehta. Keeping in mind the financial constraints faced by clients Orion looks to become increasingly creative with their business and engagement model offerings.

Orion Systems Integrators

Monmouth Junction, NJ

Sunil Mehta, Founder, CEO & President

A provider of development, integration, deployment and managed IT services and solutions for leading organizations across the globe.