ORPALIS: Document Imaging and Management that Leverage .NET

Loic Carrere, CEO
.NET has been able to createa revolution in the realm of IT since its creation. The popular framework from Microsoft has been enabling developers to create and offer many innovative solutions and services like integrated fax, email, and phone services, centralized data housing, synchronised updates over a network and many other innovative applications. However, organizations are still facing challenges in terms of developing solutions that leverage .NET. “With the rise of big data, developers need to be equipped with the right tool sets to create applications that can absorb, assimilate, and analyze big data seamlessly,” says Loic Carrere, CEO, ORPALIS. In addition to this, developers need to meet the steep royalty fees they pay to .NET tool vendors when using toolkits or development kits. ORPALIS is a .NET Software Development Kit (SDK) provider that offers its document imaging and management toolkit free of charge. “By offering our flagship toolkit royalty-free, we help small and budget-conscious developers make quality .NET-based applications for enterprise companies today,” says Carrere.

The company’s GdPicture.NET toolkit is a comprehensive and powerful document imaging and management toolkit compatible with any development environment. Backed with robust code and offering support for over 90 vector and raster image formats and quick response times in fixing bugs; the GdPicture.NET toolkit assists developers to develop powerful .NET applications. The company releases two minor updates every month based on the community feedback and an annual major version-update to add features that ORPALIS has been developing. “Based on customer feedback, we re-write ourcode from scratch for the software parts. This ensures our solutions meet the user’s unique needs,” says Carrere.

Software, a powerful TWAIN and Win-Additionally,ORPALIS has de-veloped three nov-el applications that leverage the same tool-kit. ORPALIS’s another offering, DocuVieware, is an HTML5-based document process-ing and management solution that can be used on any device. The tool posses features like text selection, customizable user interface, page-by-page navigation, bookmarks, annotations, text selection, and easy integration.

By offering our flagship toolkit royalty-free, we help small and budget-conscious developers make quality .NET-based applications for enterprise companies today

Additionally, OR-PALIS also offers PaperScan Scanner Software, a powerful TWAIN and Windows Image Acquisition (WIA) scanning ap-plication that makes document acquisi-tion easier. “Fur-thermore, we also offer PDF OCR, a tool that converts PDF documents into a searchable PDF using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and layout analy-sis,” says Carrere.

ORPALIS’s application can be leveraged by major banks, pharmaceutical firms, and government agencies like the U.N. The royalty-free distribution model has been able to attract many small and medium sized companies leverage the toolkit for developing enterprise apps. “Our toolkit has been used in many diverse verticals and GdPicture.NET is now the most comprehensive document imaging and document management toolkit available today,” beams Carrere. The growing consumer base and the in-depth experience garnered over a decade in the field have helped the firm stay ahead of the competition. “To keep the consumers satisfied, the firm must be flexible to meet the client’s needs and reactive to the feedback received, we have done this for more than 10 years and it is a working strategy,” says Carrere.

For the future, ORPALIS plans on adding more functionality to their GdPicture.NET toolkit to improve the reach of the toolkit and ensure that they comply with the high standards required in the .NET landscape.


Muret, France

Loic Carrere, CEO

A firm that offers a royalty-free document processing and management toolkit for developing .NET applications