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CIO VendorBobby Miller, Global Consumer Goods Strategist
Bobby Miller, ORTEC Global Consumer Goods Strategist, relishes balancing being a marathon runner and jazz musician with delivering innovative software solutions that help companies better predict and drive growth. At ORTEC, he focuses not on sprinting, but on establishing long term partnerships with customers and delivering what customers want most, demonstrable and quantifiable results. The supply chain is the heartbeat of the company. ERP companies such as SAP are excellent at helping a company run their business end-to-end. ORTEC integrates directly in SAP, filling the gaps, providing real-time support for shipping and logistics scheduling.

The ORTEC Predictive Commerce Platform solves sophisticated problems by helping companies predict and optimize the supply chain. “The ORTEC platform helps customers better predict business outcomes and optimize their supply chain,” states Miller. “We are revolutionizing the way companies see, plan and execute their demand-to-delivery supply chain.” ORTEC provides optimization solutions and consulting services to companies worldwide. Its products and services result in optimal fleet routing and dispatch, vehicle and pallet loading, workforce scheduling, forecasting, inventory planning, warehouse control and overall supply chain network design. Its solutions enable real-time supply chain visibility and improve efficiencies for customers, resulting in lower operating costs and increased revenues.

ORTEC is a Platinum Certified SAP Partner and the ORTEC Logistics Execution Optimizer (LEO) is directly integrated in SAP ERP enabling planning the entire distribution schedule with a single application. Powerful optimization algorithms for load building and routing enhance SAP performance exponentially. The company also provides complex order picking and warehouse processes for SAP. The SAP certified add-on, ORTEC Mobile Logistics Solutions (MLS), is fully integrated into the SAP Logistics Execution System (LES) and expands the warehouse management components by introducing supplemental warehouse processes.

ORTEC provides customers with support in configuring their warehouse processes using SAP’s Extended Warehouse Management (EWM). ORTEC SAP consultants are specialists in the implementation of efficient logistics processes in SAP Supply Chain Execution (SCE) and Supply Chain Management (SCM) applications. ORTEC offers the only solution on the market that simultaneously optimizes the route deliveries and builds pallets and truckloads in one solve.
Transportation logistics are becoming increasingly complex. Companies are struggling to manage large amounts of data. Sup¬ply Chain Insights Founder, Lora Cecere describes this challenge well, “A Supply Chain is a complex system with complex process¬es with increasing complexity.” ORTEC helps manage complexity with a predictive commerce strategy for the supply chain. It helps companies connect upstream demand sensing with downstream supply chain planning and execution, in a single, optimized sys¬tem of record.

We are pushing the envelope to develop smarter algorithms that learn and adapt to consumer behaviors

How P&G Reduced Delivery Costs Globally
ORTEC is helping P&G achieve a corporate goal to reduce global delivery costs by 10 percent, by 2020. Leveraging ORTEC’s SAP load building solution, they were able to maximize truckload cube and weight utilization and increase route efficiency as well as reduce transportation costs significantly, all in a standardized global template. ORTEC’s SAP embedded optimization and 3D load building solution has allowed P&G to increase load utiliza¬tion anywhere from five to 15 percent depending on the country as well as decrease overall truck freight spend.

With increasing pressure on streamlining logistics and in¬creasing business efficiencies, information technology demands are constantly evolving. Moving forward, ORTEC is focused on further developing their solutions to scale to even more complex problems. “Our predictive commerce platform provides compa¬nies with better insights and we are pushing the envelope to de¬velop even smarter algorithms that learn,” concludes Miller.

The ORTEC Solution
• Designs strategic networks to balance cost and improve margins
• Reduces inventory and transportation cost to increase working capitol
• Integrates inventory management strategies with routing assets to increase asset utilization.
• Manages e-commerce order fulfillment requirements.


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Bobby Miller, Global Consumer Goods Strategist

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