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Lavanya Rastogi, CEO
Martin Heidegger, a German philosopher, describes technology as not something we build, but as something we uncover. The course of modern computer programming like Java, takes the same pattern, where we define and develop newer and better paradigms of discovering what is already known to us. Although, in the recent years, rapid fluctuations in the status quo of how things are done in the programming world are changing incessantly owing to the unprecedented pace of technological disruptions. There is also the case of innovation divaricating businesses across multiple dimensions, where CIOs are often baffled by scores of options to choose from. OSSCube, with their distinct approach of responding towards business needs, helps corporate leaders decide for themselves by providing them valuable insight into technical jargon.

“The way we prevail over challenges is by adding value through our advice space, where we put the value chain of advice, enable, and extend,” offers Lavanya Rastogi, Co-founder and CEO. Migration roadmaps require fundamental rethink, in how systems are built, rolled out, and how they would account for iterative deployment, agility, and scalability. OSSCube implements a line of action that stems from the primary layer of the system—source code. And what better way than Java, with its proven capability for building reliable, secure, scalable, and flexible applications has been accepted worldwide.

The Austin, TX headquartered provider has expertise in deploying Java in an effective manner, helping businesses meet their business objectives cost-effectively. Employing the best practices of Java technologies with established development methodologies, OSSCube provides its customers, maximum business benefits from their investment. With a sizeable pool of Java professionals coupled with the provider’s global delivery ability, OSSCube delivers projects on time, meeting the clients’ compliance requirements.

OSSCube offers a wide range of Java offerings—from Java Application Development, J2EE Application Development, and Java Struts Development, to the current trends of android Java application development. Leveraging its deep experience in Java architecture and design evaluation, OSSCube provides consulting and requirement assessment, custom application development, application enhancement and maintenance and staffing for Java projects.

Our cross-industry experience allows us to build custom Java applications with improved performance and reduced bugs problems

“Our cross-industry experience allows us to build custom Java applications with improved performance and reduced bugs problems, supporting your mission critical business process,” says Rastogi.

Partnering with OSSCube to build and deploy Java based custom built applications has given customers ranging across many industries, the profitability and productivity in terms of cost, quality, and accessibility to expert teams. In one instance, a California based construction company—ACCO Engineered Systems faced operational inefficiencies that cropped up due to field technicians having to rely on laptops to access their service call records. The legacy system also failed to provide all of the functionality required for field technicians to meet customer SLA (Service Level Agreements). ACCO collaborated with OSSCube to build an android-based mobile application that allowed field technicians to quickly accept, decline or checkout service calls on the go. The new mobile capabilities have enabled ACCO to effectively utilize their field technicians and lower service delivery cost while adhering to SLA compliance. A recorded reduction in administrative overhead and elimination of manual processes and paperwork has also added on to an overall improvement in efficiency and productivity across the board.

An open source campaigner, Rastogi has ascended to the upper echelon of thought leadership and has worked hands-on with startups, as well as established enterprises. Rastogi notes, “OSSCube follows the trail of open source software and administers faster time-to-market, lower total cost of ownership, application security.”



Lavanya Rastogi, CEO

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