Ossicles Technologies: IoT Devices for High- Performance Horses

With an inborn prey mentality, equines exhibit a strong startle reflex to loud and unexpected noises— the much-needed ability for their “relatively smaller” ancestors to survive in the wild. Although they have grown in size over time, making them less susceptible to predators, their innate noise anxiety remains unabated. This results in various anxious behaviors, including escape attempts that lead to serious accidents, making the welfare and management of horses a major challenge for trainers and owners.

Established to alleviate this hardship is Ossicles Technologies, an IoT specialist committed to building innovative solutions that enhance the health and safety of performance horses.

“Our goal is to develop a smart earplug for horses by leveraging IoT technology, connecting them for health, safety, and performance,” says Daniel Ferland, founder and CEO of Ossicles Technologies.

Adhering to this goal since its inception, Ossicles Technologies has reached the final stages of bringing its flagship product, eQuiet, to the market. Designed with advanced noise-canceling capabilities, this IoT digital earplug controls the sound environment and records and displays biometric and geospatial data on a portable device. While passive earplugs can reduce noise by 2 to 5 decibels, eQuiet fits perfectly into a horse’s ears to block 20 to 40 decibels, giving it the ability to perform noise cancelling.
eQuiet comes with many sensors, like a temperature sensor that helps gather data about horses’ body temperature. It also has an integrated an Oximeter—customized for horses—that allows for recording blood oxygen levels, blood pressure, and heart rate with high accuracy. Horse owners and trainers can better assess and forecast the health and performance changes of their horses with this biometrics.

It's safe to say that eQuiet is a game-changer and value-added alternative to its competitors. They fall behind eQuiet in accuracy and data integrity, as moving horses and their thick skin act as barriers in making static contact between the device and the animal. eQuiet stands out from others for its ability to establish a constant contact with horses through their ears, delivering the most accurate biometric data.

Access to this information enables it to be an early indicator of diseases like colic and heaves before horses display any outward symptoms.

Our goal is to develop a smart earplug for horses by leveraging IoT technology, connecting them for health, safety, and performance

Continuing its innovation streak, Ossicles Technologies’ engineering labs are busy developing products that can make a difference in the lives of horses and horse trainers. It will soon introduce its NMR system, an IoT device installed on jumper rings to provide information on fallen rails and when they are put back in place. The next big thing in its pipeline is the Smart Leg Wrap. Ossicles Technologies aims to help detect micro-lesions on horse tendons, which is impossible to do with the human eye.

These innovations are a testament to its expertise in the IoT space and its passion for making the lives of horses easier by enhancing their safety and health. Ossicles Technologies continuously strives to be on the top of the leaderboard in revolutionizing the horse market with IoT and other advanced technologies.

Ossicles Technologies

Greater Montreal, QC

Daniel Ferland, Founder & CEO

Ossicles Technology's eQuiet system is an Internet of Things (IoT) digital earplug that regulates the sound environment and records and displays geospatial and biometric data on a portable device. This data is analyzed through ML/AI to predict potential health issues that the horse may experience

Ossicles Technologies