OSSM Cloud Solutions: Augmenting NetSuite's "Awesomeness" in Europe

Ray Ryan, Managing Director
With the soaring popularity of Cloud ERP systems and their exceptional benefits, many organizations are now taking the opportunity to review their traditional on-premise accounting systems. From a cloud perspective, traditional applications are not well-equipped to address the increasing complications experienced by modern thinking businesses to help them grow on either a local or global scale. Worse yet, organizations are filling the gaps with standalone third-party applications, further complicating the situation. “For OSSM Cloud, we needed a solution that could easily be molded around the client’s business processes thus accentuating their uniqueness. This is where NetSuite software excelled” says Ray Ryan, Managing Director. NetSuite’s ease of deployment, flexibility and scalability enables OSSM Cloud to offer an advanced modern cloud ERP solution to key sectors including: Wholesale/Distribution, e-Commerce, Manufacturing, Services and IT/Software. Ryan says, ‘NetSuite is software as it should be’, a solution that runs an entire business on one platform. With NetSuite gaining steam in Europe, OSSM Cloud are intent on growing throughout this region.

The Dublin-based company is eponymously named so, after the NIST’s definition of cloud applications being, ‘O’n-demand, ‘S’calable, ‘S’elf-service and ‘M’easurable,’ and is known for implementing NetSuite’s ‘awesomeness’ within a single platform.

Intent on streamlining business operations, OSSM Cloud’s team of Chartered Accountants and industry experts are immersed in the system design process. Their “Proof of Concept” approach is one of their critical success factors for successful deployment. Being able to call on their years of industry knowledge and experience helps clients realize their ambitions while NetSuite gives them the ability to react quickly to rapidly changing business environments.

Though NetSuite’s functionality is extensive, it was its flexibility that grabbed Ryan’s attention. Being able to ‘mold’ solutions to easily adapt to client’s needs without necessarily relying on programming skills was not the norm for traditional accounting software. “Now we can just configure NetSuite to flow seamlessly so the client feels as if the software has been ‘custom built’ for them,” says Ryan, who sites an example where OSSM Cloud assisted a magazine publishing company. The client was using traditional accounting and CRM packages along with spreadsheets to run the business.

Now we just configure NetSuite so the client feels as if the software has been ‘custom built’ for them

With over 9,000 subscribers, managing tasks such as monthly billing, circulation and subscription renewals from three different applications was manually intensive and complex. OSSM Cloud combined all three processes into a custom designed solution built on the NetSuite platform. Using workflow functionality, they also enhanced the process by automating the printing and mailing of renewals letters and producing late renewal email notifications and call lists for the team. This new integrated approach enabled the client to manage this whole process with just two employees, rather than the ten previously deployed.

For more complex projects, OSSM Cloud has a skilled development team capable of providing enhancements, integrations and custom modules. This allows OSSM Cloud incorporate leading-edge technologies such as NFC (Near Field Communication) and UC (Universal Communication), enabling its clients get closer to their customers.

One of OSSM’s clients, a family run distribution business based in Ireland has seen a huge transformation in its operations since implementing NetSuite. Cam saw Distributors have embraced technology at all levels, from automating their direct debit processes with OSSM Cloud’s localized direct debit module, to planning the introduction of NFC technology integrated with NetSuite to improve their customer experience. SuiteCommerce Advanced will be introduced to manage their already successful online sales but now all on the one NetSuite platform.

Similarly, OSSM Cloud has really thought “outside the box” with some outstanding implementations of NetSuite for other distribution, media/publications and manufacturing clients.

Working with a cutting-edge ERP solution, OSSM Cloud is poised to prove its mettle in delivering on some very exciting new projects over the coming year.

OSSM Cloud Solutions

Dublin, Ireland

Ray Ryan, Managing Director

OSSM Cloud uses NetSuite to turn complex processes into creative and simple solutions, in Europe

OSSM Cloud Solutions