OTCFin: Managing Risk through Quality Data

Today, financial institutions and asset managers are daunted by the challenge of sifting through siloed risk systems and multiple data warehouses to assess and measure risk and performance, both at the asset and the enterprise level. They need a fintech data management solution that can provide a coherent and comprehensive data view of the enterprise, or a single source of truth for risk assessment and performance measurement. Founded with the vision to provide state of the art technology to manage financial instruments data, OTCFin offers expert technology infrastructure and data management services that can reduce the time and resources spent managing data spread across all warehouses within the enterprise. The company achieves this feat by bringing, organizing, and streamlining all the data in a centralized location. OTCFin current and potential clients include buy side financial institutions including asset managers, insurance companies, and hedge funds.

OTCFin typically initiates ‘gap analysis’ through which they comprehend the current state vs. the desired state of the clients’ investments, risk and performance business and data objectives. OTCFin designs an implementation road map to fill that gap and then provides an end-to-end integration across all the asset classes and risk systems for enterprise risk reporting. In addition to internal company data which includes transactional, reference, and historical data across all holdings, the company also integrates external data from analytics, market risk, credit risk, and performance measurement systems. The collective data is then fed into the enterprise data platform for analysis.

OTCFin implements systems and integrates data across all asset classes for accurate and comprehensive enterprise reporting. Coupling this strategy with their portfolio analysis and reporting tools, the company aims to help clients achieve operational efficiency and risk and compliance control. They also offer managed services for institutional investors, wherein they leverage quantitative and technological skills in data management, financial engineering and risk modeling expertise to deliver optimum results for financial organizations.

For effective risk reporting, the company takes a granular approach whereby it integrates the best risk system for each asset class and then aggregates the risk across all asset classes, given the absence of an all-in-one risk management system. The results are then fed back into the data management system for reporting purpose. This strategy helps clients to be responsive to new regulations and stay nimble. OTCFin performs analysis and delivers accurate reports to the client. In some cases, for asset classes such as private equity, real estate and commercial mortgages, they help clients build custom risk models. “We understand and select what’s best for our clients and keep them updated about the upcoming challenges. By taking care of all data management needs of our clients, we allow them to focus on their core business,” says Joseph Ohayon, founder and managing director of OTCFin.

By taking care of all data management aspects of our clients, we allow them to focus on their core business

With a dedicated team of risk and IT professionals focused on driving investment ROI by mitigating risk and maximizing performance, OTCFin focuses on both onsite and remote data management services for their clients. OTCFin strives to deliver tailored solutions to each client with attention to data quality and exemplary customer service. For instance, they have helped their European clients—who generated all reports on spread sheets manually—to overcome major operational challenges. Their manual process of noting down information was not only time-consuming, but was hectic and costly as well. OTCFin built a fully automated solution through which all the data was sourced automatically in one platform and the client reduced their regulatory reporting time and costs by more than 60 percent.

Optimistic about the future, Ohayon is leading OTCFin toward catering to the needs of the sellside financial institutions in near future as well. The company is focusing more on the risk and regulatory side by partnering with investment research and investment management firms, such as Morningstar for PRIIPs KIDs reporting. By leveraging Morningstar’s document management while performing all the PRIIPs calculations, the company will help companies comply with new regulations in the European region.


New York, NY

Joseph Ohayon, Founder and Managing Director

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