OTRS Group: Easily Adaptable Solutions to Match the Unique Workflow Needs of Every Department

Andre Mindermann, CEO
Today, adaptability and integration plays an important role in the Workflow Management sphere. Being adaptable requires the Workflow Management Technology to be customizable for clients so that they can use it in every department throughout the company. All the same, it needs to grow with the company and be versatile according to changing requirements or business strategies. As for integration, it is also a crucial part as today’s IT landscape is becoming more and more heterogeneous, Workflow Management solutions need to blend in without major changes or costs to guarantee seamless processes throughout the entire company. In order to provide an effective workflow management, OTRS Group, a Germany based company has designed solutions to be very flexible and have a lot of configuration possibilities as well as an open technology, based on an Open Source software, which can be easily integrated via web services with REST and HTTP protocols.

OTRS Group operates with one main focus, ‘to make business communication more transparent.’ The company provides release and security solutions that help improve productivity and efficiency because they are tailored by the user to match the workflow and unique needs. The company’s software, OTRS, offers a lot of possibilities for users to configure it according to their needs. The team at OTRS Group has experience of more than 150,000 implementations of software. In addition the company’s product offering OTRS Business Solution™ helps the user right from the start with evaluation, conceptual design and consulting services as well as training courses to implement it according to best practice approaches. “We are also offering software development and during operation of the OTRS Business Solution™ we accompany our clients with support services such as regular and reliable updates as well as review and optimization workshops,” says Andre Mindermann, CEO, OTRS Group. The company’s experts also identify business processes and workflows in close collaboration with the client and design as well as implement them with the OTRS Process Management feature.
OTRS Group is recognized as a software company with a full suite of customer-driven innovations. “OTRS does not blindly follow any market trends,” says Mindermann. The company is investing its revenues to further develop OTRS, and provide a chat feature for more integrated customer communication, better usability and a Facebook inspired Ticket Timeline View for a better overview of longer communication threads. OTRS has also made investments in developing Process Management module, which is the heart of the company when it comes to workflow management.

OTRS Group continues to partner with leading companies and solution builders to provide unparalleled service to the clients. In one instance, OTRS Group helped NASA by replacing ARS Remedy with various OTRS modules, which were customized to meet their unique requirements. Moreover, OTRS Group developed an integration with the SGI ticket system and the CRM system. “NASA has recorded a six-figure reduction of license costs with OTRS and an increased process efficiency by seamlessly integrating legacy systems," states Mindermann.

OTRS Business Solution™offers the user countless configuration possibilities to adapt it easily to the unique workflow needs of every department, now and in the future

Moving forward, OTRS Group is focused on mobility and is working on developing solutions to make OTRS usable with every mobile device, independently of any operating system that is used. The company is also planning to offer cloud services within its OTRS Business Solution™, mainly focusing on integration possibilities with other solutions such as CRM systems. “In terms of geographical expansion we have planned a new subsidiary in Brazil,” concludes Mindermann.

OTRS Group

Bad Homburg, Germany

Andre Mindermann, CEO

A provider of the OTRS Business Solution™ and the open source OTRS product suite.