OTS Solutions: Pioneering Software Development Outsourcing

CIO Vendor In today's technology world IT is one field which has taken a big leap and software development has joined this bandwagon too. However software development requires expert technical knowledge and the software developer should be smart enough to know the loopholes. Knowing the loopholes in the software can at times give an adverse effect to the developing software. Hence we see several companies making a beeline to outsource their software development work rather than burning their fingers. Leveraging this trend is OTS Solutions, a provider of Custom software application Development and IT Solutions.

Since majority of companies now prefer to outsource software development work instead of starting their own in-house team for software development, the dynamic company finds itself in an industry sweet spot. Headquartered in New Jersey, OTS Solutions is one of the leading companies providing software development services & IT Solutions. Having a decade of experience, OTS Solutions ensures that only quality and robust IT Solutions are delivered to the client.

Founded in 2002 by Hemant Madaan, it is an ISO 9001 & Microsoft Certified Software Outsourcing & Development service provider offering outsourced product development, custom software development and IT Solutions to its clients across the globe. With their expertise in the domain the company has been able to carve a niche for itself in the rather crowded market and has won over several big clients in the fields of publishing, retail and distribution, manufacturing, internet properties and among software vendors.

So when the Corporate human resources department of one such Big
manufacturing multinational giant from Japan in the space of manufacturing sanitary products for females and kids wanted to create a centralized portal for their employees spread all across the World, by communicating important messages from management, along with product info and happenings to their employees, they placed their trust on OTS solutions. OTS understood the requirements with their APAC office and customized Microsoft Sharepoint for them to provide web based solution on Microsoft Sharepoint platform. Today over 3000 employees of the multinational are using the solution for their internal communication and corporate needs.

A Promising Future

Media & Publishing industry today is seeing a major overhaul in the way they have been using IT and selling their products. Several such publishing companies have used OTS to create mobile and custom web applications to help them in sales automation, product management and process automation. "OTS Solutions has also lent local support and local project management to firms in countries in the African Continent, a key differentiator from the rest of the players in the industry," says Madaan. OTS has also aided large retail chains for integration with their distribution channels. OTS has also worked with large fortune 500 companies which have presence in USA, Australia, Europe, UK and Africa.

Hemant comes from a family of businesses and is a first level, second generation entrepreneur. For the first six years the funding came from family. Later on in the journey, OTS was funded by banks in India. More funding is expected from private investors in the near future. OTS is also planning to further scale up their operations in areas of traction such as Publishing as it is on the brink of a major IT overhaul and expand their customer base.

With a commitment towards hard work, consistent quality in service delivery and transparent and effective communication, OTS solutions is poised to create a dent in the industry.

OTS Solutions

In today's technology world IT is one field which has taken a big leap and software development has joined this bandwagon too.