OTTR: Pioneer of the Transplant Management Space

Owing to the rapid democratization of surgical methods, organ preservation, and pharmaco-immunological therapies, the solid organ and cellular therapy transplantation space has witnessed tremendous growth in the last decade. The groundbreaking advancement has also propelled the transplant management space to adhere to the ever-changing regulatory requirements for tracking, managing, reporting, and sharing patient outcome data. Underlining the same, Mike Donnell, Co-CEO and Chief Marketing Officer of OTTR,notes the statutory requirements are imperative in improving the allocation of organs in the transplant management space. “Conversely, there is also a huge challenge on the ways to capture that data at time of care, use the data to guide the clinical care for the patient, and then record and submit that data in a very cost-efficient manner,” adds Donnell. Further, he cites cost studies demonstrating the regulatory mandates for data submission for transplant centers often significantly impact their financial performance. This is where his Omaha-based firm— OTTR can help.

OTTR offers optimum transplant software solutions to improve patient care via workflow management in a very cost-effective manner. Created at the University of Nebraska, Omaha, as a tool that could track post liver transplantation patients, the firm has continually prospered in its journey of over two decades by focusing on innovation and customer satisfaction. Today, OTTR serves over 200 programs at more than 60 transplant centers in the United States and Canada.“The primary factor that differentiates OTTR is that we provide a workflow solution for solid organ transplant and cellular therapies that was built by experienced transplant clinicians and administrators in collaboration with developers using leading edge technologies,” states Matt Hunter, Co-CEO and Chief Technology Officer of OTTR.

OTTR provides CompleteOrgan, software that simplifies data collection, longitudinal patient tracking, and data management for liver, kidney, pancreas, heart, lung, intestine, and islet cell transplantat programs. With the software, healthcare providers can consolidate patient records and reduce the administrative time required for data entry, cleanup, and verification of patients. Clinicians canoverview patient lists, patient demographics, progress notes, labs, encounters, and more in a robust web application. CompleteOrgan also brings forth a comprehensive document management platform through generating, organizing, and storing various documents including educational materials, letters, consents, requisitions, lists, and reports. Additionally, OTTR provides a view for clinical research and corresponding data to get actionable insights on both individual patients and the entire population, facilitating long-term success in the transplant programs.

The other proprietary offering—CompleteCellular software—renders a comprehensive system for managing the daily workflow of cellular therapy transplant program. The software enables healthcare providers to procure data for patient care and correlate donor and information for insurance, regulatory, reporting, and research purposes. The software underpins workflow for all hematopoietic cellular therapy products and subsequently promotes regulatory compliance with agencies that accredit and monitor quality within transplant programs.

“OTTR eliminates and minimizes repetitive administrative tasks – we save clinicians time so they can give that time to their patients,” states Donnell.

The primary factor that differentiates us is that we provide a workflow solution created by transplant professionals collaborating with exceptional developers to serve clinicians providing solid organ and cellular therapy transplantation

He further adds, “Our goal is to have data capture occur as an integral component of patient care process rather than a separate task to be complete in addition to provision of care.”

The Growing Prowess

With years of experience in the space, OTTR deploys a unique and proactive approach in integrating data seamlessly and consolidating it from distorted pieces. “We are aggregating those into a data warehouse and other client specific formats to aid our clients in capturing data and subsequently using it multiple times,” cites Hunter. To give a more comprehensive picture of the firm’s capabilities, Hunter elucidates the nomenclature behind the deployment process. Before implementing any software, OTTR examines the current workflow of its prospects to determine their IT architectural structure. . Based on the information gathered, OTTR deploys its solutions along with stringent measures to maintain patient safety during the transplant programs. “Once a patient goes into a workflow, robust safety precautions are taken based on their diagnostics and therapies techniques,” said Hunter.

An Exemplary Team Committed to Optimum Customer Gratification

Lead by a team of industry veterans including nine transplant RNs and two transplant hospital administrators with a combined experience of over 100 years in the transplantation space, OTTR continually assesses medical information technology to add more value to patient care, workflow management, and operating efficiencies. “Our cross-functional team listens actively to our clients on product development to improve decision-making and drive better outcomes at transplantation programs.”

Forging ahead, the firm intends to extend into additional chronic care by establishing partnerships with complementary entities in the market. Recently, the firm collaborated with XynManagement to expedite quality assurance and performance improvement reporting that drives patient safety, clinical outcomes, operational efficiency, and regulatory compliance. “We are looking to expanding our ability to meet the needs of transplant clinicians through partnering and collaboration with other emerging players in the transplant community,” concludes Donnell.


Omaha, NE

Mike Donnell, CEO and Matt Hunter, Co-CEO & Chief Technology Officer

Renders solid organ transplant and cellular therapy patient tracking software