Outperform Solutions: Demand Forecasting for a Detailed Future

Uneco de Meester, Founder
When King and Prince Seafood, a part of Nissui, the second largest seafood company in the world approached Outperform, they wanted a single tool that would provide a detailed view of their supply chain and fine tune their demand process. Within six months of incorporating Outperform Planning, there was a reduction of the total inventory costs by 12 percent and the demand planning process was running entirely from Outperform Planning. Outperform Solutions assisted King and Prince Seafood with the mapping of business process and system features, training users and bringing the system live to get the benefits released. The single integrated solution was capable of evaluating the demand for finished goods and the supply of raw materials through effective forecasting and helped the client increase profit and service level. Outperform Planning provided transparency and visibility to the King and Prince Seafood network which is consistent between intensive planners and plan stakeholders.

New product introductions, fluctuating sales volume, and promotions have always been key aspects in the demand forecasting process that evaluates market developments and shapes the future demand. However, lack of historical data and disturbing promotional kicks have often misled the businesses in predicting what the future holds. Outperform Planning overpowers these interferences and assists the demand planner in handling the predictable trends, and combine these with planned promotions and user adjustments. “It is not only about understanding how to respond to your demands; it is about understanding which part of your demand will deliver you most profit and where the company’s focus should be,” says Outperform’s founder, Uneco de Meester. The company has its solutions infused with pyramid forecasting, enabling reviews and adjustments to the forecasts at any level of aggregation.
Jorrit De Boer, CEO
Outperform Planning has MSPower BI embedded for business intelligence that is accessible across multiple platforms. Outperform Planning thus helps its customers make those decisions—which, earlier were made on a gut feeling—rationally.

Gone are the days when a wealth of information was provided to the user so that he can browse around, evaluate, and fabricate his game plan. Outperform Solutions offers an A-Z solution which, consists of a whole palette of engines ranging from demand planning to production planning to procurement optimization to factory scheduling, and functionalities to filter out the crucial information for the user and suggest a suitable response to those critical scenarios. These engines range from straightforward rule-based algorithms to formal cost or profit optimization and address planning problems of various degrees of complexity. The solution can scale with the maturity of the planning process. “There is a genuine interaction between both what the engine proposes and how the user wants to adjust it, based on his market understanding,” says Jorrit De Boer, CEO of Outperform Solutions. Bringing flexibility into the picture, the company allows clients to choose the solution that covers the requirements and fits the bill.

At the recently held summit, Outperform presented the new umbrella theme “Navigator” to support supply chain orchestration. Exploiting cloud deployment models will enable Outperform’s customers to tap into the expansive algorithmic marketplace and move away from tracking KPI’s towards understanding Key Performance Drivers (KPD’s). Enthusiastic responses from the customers and analysts on their new umbrella theme-Navigator have inspired them to set their bar high for delivering and embedding profit-boosting S&OP systems.

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Uneco de Meester, Founder and Jorrit De Boer, CEO

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