OverWatchID: One-Stop Solution for Identity and Access Management

Cameron Williams, Founder, CEO & CTO
Privacy is an essential aspect of every individual’s life. Especially, in a professional environment, where employee details and business-critical data are stored on varied company servers, the need for round-the-clock data privacy is pivotal for the safety of all parties involved. A well-structured identity and access management (IAM) system can ensure precisely that.

However, in today’s hyper-converged world, maintaining an effective security posture that safeguards an enterprise’s data can become incredibly difficult with antiquated and manual IAM methods in place. In order to actively combat various threats of the cyber world where cybercriminals are armed with bleeding-edge technology, organizations are required to adopt the latest IAM practices. Headstrong to help such organizations is Colorado-based OverWatchID. The IT security and data management organization offers extensive IAM and privileged access management (PAM) solutions to support companies in mitigating external breaches while also putting a check on fraudulent activities within the firm’s IT network.

Cameron Williams, founder, CEO, and CTO of OverWatchID, states, “We offer more than just vault-centric IT security approach. Our product—Privilege Anywhere—is a fully-automated, end-to-end privileged session management solution.” Privilege Anywhere utilizes OverWatchID’s Identity Automation Platform to solve the difficulties of providing users with conditional access to enterprise data, thus protecting privileged users, such as an organization’s system administrators, HR personnel, C-suite executives, and other collaborators from external or internal threats. By integrating this product within a company’s existing business workflow, OverWatchID ensures minimal downtime. “While a typical privilege system takes about a year to be deployed to about 500-600 servers, our platform can orchestrate to 140 servers within a minute,” expresses Williams. At the same time, since Privilege Anywhere implements the capabilities of IoT, cloud-based technologies, and APIs, a company’s users can reap the advantages of the platform from their smartphones and other BYOD systems.

At the core of OverWatchID’s sophisticated approach to IAM is a team of experienced developers that conduct comprehensive studies to understand the various methodologies used to pilfer credentials within organizations.

While a typical privilege system takes about a year to be deployed to about 500- 600 servers, our platform can orchestrate to 140 servers within a minute

This has helped OverWatchID in building necessary countermeasures in the form of well-planned end-to-end encryption, enabling safe credential injection via web UIs that prevents digital hijacking. Such functionalities, along with a full stack of DevOps tools built into the platform, empower privileged employees to use Amazon Web Services (AWS), Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) services safely through a shared IT network.

To further elucidate on the Privilege Anywhere’s capabilities, Williams mentions that there are various use cases where their product integrates with external DevOps stacks like Ansible Tower and SaltStack to mitigate identity breaches efficiently in the backend. “This feature especially stands out in the financial sector,” he adds. Perturbed by constant malware and ransomware attacks, banking companies use Privilege Anywhere to safeguard the active directories of their users after they have logged out of a session.

Moving forward, OverWatchID intends to invest heavily in its R&D and engineering modules to further boost Privilege Anywhere’s robust feature sets. Already having worked with some of the largest companies across various markets, Williams and his team now look forward to collaborating with them, understanding their intricate IAM challenges, and finding a solution to ease their setbacks. “The legacy PAM deployment is becoming a thing of the past, and our aim lies in deploying Privilege Anywhere in some of the biggest companies across industries. That is where the rubber meets the road for OverWatchID,” concludes an enthusiastic Williams.


Denver, CO

Cameron Williams, Founder, CEO & CTO

OverWatchID is an innovative software provider of privilege-centric security, a critical capability cited by Gartner and other analysts as a top priority for IT security, audit, and compliance. Enterprises need to protect access to SaaS apps, cloud workloads, connected IoT devices, automated processes, APIs, and traditional IT assets and applications. The company’s Privilege Anywhere™ solution is powered by our Automation Engine which dramatically simplifies the time and complexity associated with discovering, protecting, and monitoring privileged credentials and secrets. OverWatchID is a true multi-tenant, 100% SaaS solution with prebuilt connectors to dozens of leading applications and device manufacturers. OverWatchID is headquartered in Denver, CO