OVH: Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure with Pre-installed Hypervisor

Octave Klaba, Founder, Chairman & CTO
Virtualization enables organizations to facilitate efficiency and scalability. However virtualized data-centers face increased challenges in load balancing. OVH, a premier firm dealing with virtualization, is at the forefront of these challenges and serves to enhance the dedicated cloud platform.

Working as a major strategic partner of VMware, OVH serves to provide dedicated cloud services infrastructure with hypervisor as a service. “The hypervisor takes care of configuring the high availability options and load balancing,” says Octave Klaba, Founder, Chairman and CTO, OVH. With OVH, the client can take a step further into the world of abstraction of physical resources. OVH offers the vSphere solution which is pre-installed on the dedicated cloud and automatically deployed across the servers.
OVH enables optimal configuration and updates by its vSphere solution. vCloud, another solution of OVH, manages, maintains and updates virtual resources, paving way for their optimal utilization.

The hypervisor takes care of configuring the high availability options and load balancing

OVH continues to evolve such that the firm has plans of a building up hybrid VMware backup. The backup will serve as a major milestone in the firm’s disaster recovery goals.


Roubaix, France

Octave Klaba, Founder, Chairman & CTO

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