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Kyle Mani, President & CCO
When a U.S.-based center for cosmetic surgeries sought to upgrade its website to provide patients faster access to information on plastic surgery and surgeons, they turned to OWDT—a leading digital marketing and web design company headquartered in Houston, TX. The redesigned website was strikingly unique and boasted state-of-the-art features like anticipatory design, which readily displays information based on the ads, social media, or any other source that leads patients to the website. A search engine was also incorporated to make navigating web pages easier for users. OWDT’s exemplary skills in web design and development provided an impactful web user experience that translated into immense ROI and business value for the healthcare institution.

The brainchild of self-taught programmer, Kyle Mani, OWDT views web design and development holistically to address all the areas crucial for a robust web presence, such as design, marketing, or the seamless linking of front-end and back-end as opposed to viewing projects from the singular perspective of coding. “We work on projects from the standpoint of each company’s clients as opposed to just the companies themselves,” mentions Kyle Mani, President and CCO, OWDT.

OWDT’s modus operandi involves discovering clients’ challenges with the help of marketing specialists, programmers, and software architects to comprehend the project requirements and identify solutions that provide the best ROI. Mani underscores the importance of requirements gathering to transparently assess the degree of complexities and the amount of work to be done. After putting everyone on the same page, the company computes the timeframe and cost of completion for the project. “The high level of care, experience, and knowledge with which we approach projects differentiate us,” says Mr. Mani.

We work on projects from the standpoint of each company’s clients as opposed to just the companies themselves

OWDT offers “superior and lightning fast customer service” through a robust anticipatory ticketing system that responds in real time to clients’ queries. While 90 percent of the tickets raised by clients are resolved in less than two hours, 95 percent of the tickets are closed the same day they are raised. Complex problems are reported to clients along with an accurate resolution timeframe.

Top-notch solutions and best-in-class customer support have contributed to OWDT’s popularity among companies that are looking to upgrade their websites for better customer outreach. Ocean Alexander, one of the top five superyacht builders in the world, sought a website that not only provided its customers with all the required information but also conformed to its brand value and delivered an elegant user experience. Furthermore, the website had to be scalable enough to accommodate future changes. When brought onboard, OWDT delivered a new website that offered an alluring digital experience, which not only enhanced sales but also turned customers into brand evangelists. Online contact form submissions increased by 11 percent and lead conversion improved by 7 percent, resulting in a revenue growth of over 68 percent.

Having completed several successful projects, OWDT has grown tremendously over the years. Going forward, the company intends to deliver more products of greater relevance to clients. Acceding to demands from partners for local support, Mani intends to grow OWDT’s footprint by expanding its operations in a number of cities. “More investments into expanding our processes that provide a greater ROI for clients is something that we are keen on,” concludes Mani.


Houston, TX

Kyle Mani, President & CCO

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