Owl Cyber Defense Solutions: Hardware-Enforced One-Way Data Flow and Cybersecurity

Michael Timan, President & CEO
As critical infrastructure continues to be a prime target for malicious actors, federal agencies and local governments are awakening to the fact that they require stronger and more effective solution than firewalls and other security software. Headed by experts in critical infrastructure and cybersecurity, Owl Cyber Defense Solutions recognizes the need for a novel approach to bolster the security posture of the private enterprises and government agencies. Akin to an electronic diode, the firm’s data diode allows one-way flow of data even between networks of different security levels and policies with separate circuitry for data transmission and reception. “Owl data diodes physically fortify network security and serve as a much higher level of protection for our clients over software-based security,” says Michael Timan, President and CEO, Owl Cyber Defense Solutions.

Prior to deploying its solution at businesses, federal agencies, defense installations, and critical infrastructure, the company considers factors such as data type, volume, and latency and configures Owl data diode in accordance with client requirements. Owl data diode functions as a demarcation between trusted and untrusted networks within the client’s network architecture and sets the path for data flow. While the data diode adheres to one-way communication, each side of the device processes two-way communication by employing proxies between the source and destination networks. The technology is underpinned by the linked pair of two communications cards that facilitate data transfer with throughput speeds of up to 10 Gbps.

Owl data diodes can transfer files without size restrictions through file transfer protocols such as FTP and SFTP, as well as a number of other protocols and data types. “Users can also augment the base capabilities with additional bandwidth and data types according to their requirements,” Timan says. As the product segments the data source and isolates the data path, it ensures security in replicating the information and permitting access to it. For instance, users in a government can be given access to replicated database records.

Owl data diodes physically fortify network security and serve as a much higher level of protection for our clients over software-based security

“Data diodes also protect IP addresses and port information by deconstructing the packet itself,” says Timan.

Although public and private sector organizations can easily control internal access to their data, in many cases controlling external or remote data access using the same data communication infrastructure is daunting. Owl Cyber Defense Solutions offers Perimeter Defense Solutions to support secure monitoring by isolating critical systems while performing secure transmission of files, messages, and system alarms and events to end users.

Owl’s data diode augments the security posture of government agencies as well as private enterprises. In an instance, BHGE sought a solution to secure file transfers and monitor turbine equipment from an end customer in real time using its Bently Nevada System 1. After integrating with Owl’s data diode products (OPDS-100 and OPDS-1000) and RFTS file transfer software, the utility improved both network security and remote availability for monitoring and performance data. The solution enabled BHGE to easily monitor and perform diagnostics of equipment while retaining absolute security for the installed end customer.

Owl Cyber Defense Solutions continues to provide its solution through a growing distributor and reseller network that plays a crucial role in data availability for historian databases, files, and streaming sources such as live video. The company will soon launch all-in-one endpoint solutions designed for ease of installation and use while focusing on increasing its presence across Europe and the Middle East.

Owl Cyber Defense Solutions

Ridgefield, CT

Michael Timan, President & CEO

Owl Cyber Defense leads the world in data diode and crosses domain network cybersecurity. With a constant focus on customers in the military, government, critical infrastructure, and commercial communities, Owl develops one-way data transfer products to meet a variety of operational needs, from entry-level to enterprise. Owl’s mission is to create market-leading cybersecurity products that help organizations large and small around the world to secure their sensitive networks and assets from cyber threats and data loss. From advising and assisting organizations in securing their systems and digital devices to developing cutting-edge data diode technology, Owl is building the future of the network security industry

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