OwlPoint: Redefining IT Service Management

Mark S. Blanke, President & CEO
During the early stages of his career, Mark S. Blanke had worked with several prestigious consultancies. Though these stints taught him the trade secrets, they also revealed something disturbing. He realized that the marketplace was littered with the corpses of failed ITSM implementation projects. Many of these failed ITSM implementations were focused solely on the tool implementation without regard to appropriate process on effectiveness and efficiency. Others provided large-scale software implementation strategies, without the practical knowledge of what it takes to implement them or the seasoned high dollar expert that sold the solution was replaced with a junior associates and college hires to complete much of the work.

It was then that Blanke decided to step up and laid the foundation for OwlPoint. Blanke recognized the need to deliver a high-value service that empowered organizations struggling with the challenges associated with traditional, over-priced consulting practices. Blanke, (President and CEO, OwlPoint) comments, “I wanted to build a firm that actually understands its customers’ needs, wants and overall mindset. A consultancy that approaches each client with humility and develops solutions specific to each customer as opposed to a model that highlights the number of quick-start, fixed-priced implementations under their belt. Over the years we have been successfully executing that model while staying focused on improving our service management capabilities and remained vendor-neutral. ”

OwlPoint collaborates closely with its clients as a well-aligned business partner by comprehensively understanding their needs and helping them achieve business goals and outcomes. Leveraging a team of highly experienced and creative professionals, OwlPoint proactively advises and recommends customers on ways to stay ahead of the competition. “We are much different from the traditional type of consultancies. Our complete focus is on the customer’s actual requirements and the right implementation processes. Our superior services are customer friendly and the project implementation techniques work well within their budgets,” explains Blanke. Being technology-agnostic, the company offers expert strategies in adopting the best as well as the right solutions and practices, which is also the key to its success.

We are much different from the traditional type of consultancies. Our complete focus is on the customer’s actual requirements and the right implementation processes

OwlPoint has been a valued IT service partner to a wide array of leading organizations across the globe. Drawing a clear picture of OwlPoint’s value proposition in the industry, Blanke elaborates an instance when the company rescued a Fortune 500 organization in Florida. Though the corporation was already working with another consulting firm for ITSM implementations—the adopted process being incongruous to the requirements—failed to deliver tangible results. But, as OwlPoint stepped in, things started to change dramatically as its focus was strictly on the customer’s requirements rather than extending any specific solution. “We were able to augment their staff by bringing in project management and developed the right implementation processes. With us, they achieved results very quick and that they were simply not able to achieve before. They were able to understand different analyses, change tickets, and continue process improvements,” extols Blanke.

Since its inception, the company has experienced tremendous growth in the ITSM space. In the coming days, the company will announce its AXELOS partnership and an enhanced consulting methodology. “From a service perspective, we will strongly focus on project management, program management, and governance services. We are also concentrated on The CIO Initiative, a peer-to-peer program with focus on sharing best practices, key challenges and new opportunities for innovation that will unlock value for their organizations. We will also continue to be a vendor agnostic firm so that we are able to represent our customers,keeping in mind their best interests,” concludes Blanke.


Hillsborough, NJ

Mark S. Blanke, President & CEO

Hillsborough, NJ based OwlPoint is one among the most experienced US-headquartered IT consulting enterprises having a keen focus on the effective management of IT. The company encompasses deep experience in industry best practices including ITIL/ service management, program management, project management besides IT governance. Over the years, OwlPoint has served a wide range of clients to help them in developing the skills and knowledge required to successfully lead and finish projects in today’s highly challenging business environments. The team at OwlPoint is committed to long-term collaboration with the client for achieving success