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Enterprise mobility is a fast-moving arena that has unlocked boundless options for businesses, enhancing customer service capability and employee productivity through optimized enterprise mobility management solutions. “Organizations must ensure that the right people can access the right corporate data from the devices and locations they choose,” begins Hugh Simpson- Wells, CEO of Oxford Computer Group speaking from OCG’s headquarters in the UK. “However, it is essential that this is done with an understanding of business needs, without compromising security, and in a way that facilitates audit and compliance,” he adds. Tackling these challenges is Oxford Computer Group—a company that crafts powerful, unified solutions for enterprise mobility with Microsoft’s Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS). This is a comprehensive set of technologies, including Azure Active Directory Premium, Forefront Identity Manager (FIM), Microsoft Intune, and Azure Rights Management. Mr.Simpson-Wells believes that Microsoft is the only the vendor that offers real end-to-end enterprise mobility solutions that properly integrate existing on-premises investments with cloud capabilities.

OCG offers solutions that include directory integration, identity lifecycle management, device management, access governance, and data protection. “We help our customers benefit from these solutions, while staying in control of their assets– and we do so cost-effectively,” says Simpson-Wells. “Some customers come to us via one of our training courses, but a consulting engagement usually starts with an envisioning workshop that includes a strategic review: evaluating existing architecture and procedures and building recommendations for action. We design, develop and deploy solutions focusing on business value using our proven methodology, best practices, and a unique library of code and solution accelerators refined over the course of 700+ projects.”

“Successful enterprise mobility solutions must start with a strategic approach to managing devices, user identity, and data protection, which is imperative for user nimbleness and safety. We’ll make all the moving parts interact seamlessly across an enterprise, which at an organizational level drives tremendous efficiencies.
Couple that with the prevalence of mobile devices, whether company supplied or BYOD, which we also know how to integrate and manage, and now we’ve got the ability to tightly control corporate data assets for our clients,” says Simpson-Wells.OCG’s solutions are based on Windows Server Active Directory (AD) and Azure Active Directory (AAD), which are then integrated with the customer’s applications and resources across the enterprise, whether they are on-premises, in the cloud or a hybrid of the two. The result is the ability to centrally manage and track information about users, privileges and access.

As an example of an OCG solution, consider a large construction firm based in Chicago. OCG worked with the customer to build strategies to accommodate the proliferation of employee-owned devices used at all of their job sites across the U.S. by both employees and contractors. By implementing Microsoft’s EMS, Windows, Apple and Android devices could access and share data effectively and securely. “The more employees can use their devices to access and share corporate resources from anywhere at any time, the more productive they can become,” says Simpson-Wells. “And in a dynamic environment, where partners and contractors are project based, provisioning and de-provisioning becomes fast, accurate and cost-effective.”

“We are a knowledge-based company and our heritage is that we have been focused entirely on identity management for over a decade,” reveals Simpson-Wells. The company has implemented hundreds of identity solutions for customers using Microsoft Active Directory and other identity repositories. OCG also offers comprehensive training courses updated to keep up with the emerging technical components, making them unique in the market and allowing their customers to keep their solutions up to date.

We are a knowledge-based company and our heritage is that we have been focused entirely on identity management and the Microsoft stack for over a decade

Going forward, the company plans to grow together with cloud and enterprise mobility. “We continue to evolve our offerings to help more organizations reap the benefits of the cloud identity revolution,” concludes Simpson-Wells

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