Oxford Solutions: Combating Threats with People, Process and Technology

Aidan Kehoe, CEO & Co-founder
The cyber security landscape is witnessing tremendous increase in the automation of Security Operations Centers (SOCs) to effectively monitor potential cyber threats across an enterprise network. Many organizations are also deploying sophisticated threat prevention tools and big data analytics to create actionable information risk intelligence within their work environment. Irrespective of these advancements, cyber-attacks are increasing in both frequency and complexity. The threat actors are now targeting mission critical applications, mobile devices, and social networking sites of government, and commercial organizations as ultimate intelligence gathering tools. Besides, the increase in the incidents of successful ransom ware intrusions is plaguing companies across the globe. There is a dire need for efficient personnel including the analysts and engineers along with security solutions. Meeting the industry’s requirement is Oxford Solutions that provides enterprise-wide cyber security detection, mitigation and remediation through proven processes and innovative technologies. “Technology alone is not sufficient to keep an organization protected so we integrate people, processes, and technology into a customized solution to enhance their cyber posture,” delineates Aidan Kehoe, Co-founder and CEO, Oxford Solutions.

Oxford Solutions’ wide spectrum of Managed Security Service include the Security Operations Center that helps the customers monitor their IT environment 24/7 to detect, and prevent the cyber threats in real-time. The center’s executive and technical reports on data analytics, threat detection alerts, behavioral monitoring, and vulnerabilities keep the customers informed about potential gaps in their cyber arenas. The firm also features a dashboard to proactively help the customer firms to view and respond to the potential threats in real-time.

Adding further credence is Unified Threat Management Managed Security Service employing a myriad of security technologies that include next generation firewall, Virtual Private Network (VPN) and Intrusion Prevention System (IPS). This service ensures comprehensive protection across the entire organization including the network, systems, applications, and computing devices. The security software employed in the service is always up to date and configured to comply with the customer organizations policies. More so, the cyber security analysts monitor and analyze network activity to correlate events, remediate vulnerabilities, and maintain regulatory and compliance management.

Technology alone is not sufficient to keep an organization protected so we integrate people, processes, and technology into a customized solution to enhance their cyber posture

Another critical area of concern in the cyber security realm is the Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) that can bypass signature-based security software and exfiltrate valuable information. The firm employs Advanced Threat Protection services with Aegis Hunt Services Technology to evaluate an organization’s enterprise for the presence of advanced attacks and malicious software. The scope of this service includes data collection and analysis regarding all scoped Microsoft Windows based workstations and servers, on either virtual or physical platforms as defined by client. The firms’ team is equipped with specialized tools and processes to detect and mitigate the impact associated with APTs in an effort to determine if attackers are currently in, or have been active in client environments. Oxford Solutions utilizes custom software to collect data from endpoint systems for analysis, along with forensics of infected IT assets for computer network exploitation. Thereafter the Aegis Hunt technology performs Malicious Code Analysis to determine adversarial methods, operations, and motivations (“MOM”) and determine the tools, techniques, and procedures (“TTP”) used by adversaries. After conducting analysis, the firm provides the client with an electronic copy of the hunt report on malicious software analysis with indicators of compromise.

Oxford Solutions uniqueness is simply defined by their relentless attention towards their customer’s needs and requirements. “We believe that our desire to be transparent, supportive and credible in every customer engagement sets us apart,” confides Kehoe. In the near future, Oxford Solutions will be continuing their quest in enhancing the cyber security standards.

Oxford Solutions

Melville, NY

Aidan Kehoe, CEO & Co-founder

Provides enterprise-wide cyber security detection and remediation through proven processes and innovative technology

Oxford Solutions