Oz Development: Light-weight Solution for Optimizing Fulfillment with NetSuite

Darius Grala, CEO
I n a world, where organizations demand flexibility and agility in terms of technology, NetSuite applications bring in a potent alternative to monolithic legacy systems. NetSuite addresses the CIOs’ need for an enterprisewide platform that supports customization and extension for industry-specific processes. Oz Development, a key NetSuite Partner, has been front runner in providing seamless NetSuite extensions for mobile warehouse, shipping automation, barcode scanning, ecommerce, and partner fulfillment with its unique offering–OzLINK. With OzLINK for NetSuite, CIOs can have a comprehensive insight into efficiency of warehouses and employees alike, without having to add to the existing infrastructure.

“We help companies extend their NetSuite investment with seamless warehouse automation across new sales channels. We also enable expanding operational staff with solutions that require minimal training, focusing the team on performance,” asserts Darius Grala, CEO, Oz Development. Oz solutions enable warehouse personnel to perform tasks on mobile devices such as order picking, purchase order receiving, and inventory counts while synchronized real time to NetSuite, facilitating visibility and accountability to the entire organization. Oz leverages the NetSuite platform and SDN program to furnish a range of extensions—from warehouse and shipping automation, 3PL connectivity, and ASN automation to eCommerce application integration.

“OzLINK allows companies to lower operating costs and increase operational excellence while leveraging the flexibility of NetSuite,” states Grala. An interesting case of Lionel Racing, producer of die cast race cars, is exemplary of the efficacy of OzLINK. When Lionel merged two large distribution operations into a single warehouse, they faced challenges in supporting additional sales channel and order types.“With the merging, the team at Lionel had to support the requirements of their wholesale customers like producing ASNs as well as the velocity required for the NASCAR side of the business that is dynamic based on each weekend’s race results,” explains Grala.
In order to resolve this situation, Lionel Racing approached Oz Development to align their warehouse management procedure. With the help of OzLINK, the client streamlined their entire warehouse operations and also ensured that the customer requirements were met as per the dynamic results of the weekend race.

The mantelpiece of Oz Development is filled with similar success stories as Lionel Racing. Serving over 700 NetSuite customers, the Oz stays ahead of its competition with a focus on innovation, NetSuite extensions, and providing unparalleled customer experience—keeping in mind the budget constraints of its clients. Moreover, Oz Development is part of SuiteCloud Developer Network, which enables its clients to reap the benefits of proven, reliable, and recent NetSuite updates.

By providing policy support through warehouse automation OzLINK allows businesses to focus on growth, while using their existing infrastructure

Another advantage of employing Oz Development to streamline order management systems is the subscription based model. “We maintain a simple policy—if we don’t do a good job, customers have the freedom to cancel their Oz subscription,” says Grala. There is more to look forward from Oz Development as the company is improving upon OzLINK Mobile Pro that will support a one step, pick, pack and ship operation by allowing paperless order picking, packing list printing and shipping label printing all from a mobile device.

Oz Development

Westborough, MA

Darius Grala, CEO

Provider of OzLINK: a set of cloud-based solutions that integrate and automate the order management process