P3 Software: A Better Way To Manage Print Procurement

Caleb Tower, CEO
Traditional procurement solutions are not structured to handle the custom job shop manufacturing process that is typical in the print industry resulting in higher print procurement expenses. However, with P3 Software's enterprise print procurement technology; there is a bigger scope with greater transparency, bringing substantial cost savings to organizations.

"Everyone involved in the print procurement process can easily interact on the same web based system, thus enabling access and oversight throughout the entire print procurement process"

Headquartered in Boston, MA, P3Software provides affordable print procurement solutions for the printing industries worldwide. The company's products target all types of corporations—advertising and marketing agencies, educational and non-profit institutions, print resellers and in-plant facilities. "We help people in print production by centralizing the data. Our procurement tools effectively captures the needed transactional information—like competitive pricing, total spend, vendor performance, to name a few, in an efficient manner through web portal technologies, managing the entire lifecycle of print procurement management— from initial specification to project delivery," says Caleb Tower, CEO, P3 Software.

The company offers its flagship product, P3Expeditor, a web-based print procurement system that is easy to implement at an affordable cost. "P3Expeditor is a SaaS based system that establishes a connected workflow from job origination through supplier selection, pricing, proposal, order and tracking key production dates. It enables accountability, oversight and powerful reporting. Everyone involved in the print procurement process can easily interact on the same system, allowing access and oversight throughout the process," Tower explains.

Everyone involved in the print procurement process can easily interact on the same web based system, thus enabling access and oversight throughout the entire print procurement process

P3 Software's products are available for customers to easily sign up and setup in a matter of hours. This ease of usability scales up the product value on the long run, eliminating the risks involved in building an entire procurement system from scratch. The company offers custom solutions for integration into existing software. In addition, all of Intuit QuickBooks offerings are currently supported by P3. "Automating the print procurement process can be a great value enhancement. Instead of starting from scratch, using off-the-shelf technology, that can be customized lowers the risk ratio and deliver tremendous value to any organization," notes Tower.

P3 Software caters its software services to industry-specific needs, attracting three types of buyers. First, corporations, which include corporate buyers and non-profit buyers like universities, associations and government, helping them formulate better procurement practices and save labor time. Second, resellers and print management organizations, needing an efficient yet powerful system to manage a critical workflow. And finally, print manufacturers who are looking to expand their menu of products and services in part by sourcing production.

One of P3 Software's clients, a pharmaceutical manufacturer has six primary print buyers. Using the P3 system's competitive bidding and procurement tools, they were able to document over $10 million per year in savings. "Our system helped them document all of the information, bringing out key details to their management team. It was remarkable how just six users were able to achieve such astonishing targets for their company," says Tower.

Included in its product offerings, P3 software does initial webinar training with users and provides technical support to customers worldwide. The company views support as a critical function that also helps maintain long term relationships with clients. "Some of our competitors, offering print procurement technology solutions also offer print management services but find it difficult to manage both sides as they often compete with their own customers. At P3, we are purely focused on our software as a service technology and delivering a great system designed for people's use," says Tower.

Going forward, the printing industry will continue to mature and consolidate focusing on cost control and adapting to emerging technologies. Customers will be placing more demands on procurement tools to make their jobs less complex. P3 software will continue to broaden its core procurement management technology, helping clients to perform better and to take their business to new heights.

P3 Software

Boston, MA

Caleb Tower, CEO

P3Software is a global developer of print procurement management technology.