PAC Storage: Versatile Storage Solutions Purpose-built for the Media and Entertainment

Rick Crane, CEO
Creating products that work exceptionally well for the Media & Entertainment (M&E) industry requires constant agility. With the increasing demand for ultra-high resolution video and fast-evolving content production, the storage platforms continue to evolve. On top of this, these environments require fast-paced workflows that allow collaboration for editing and secure file-sharing capabilities. The industry bases a lot of purchases on project-based budgets. This means they need high-performing equipment at aggressive ROI price points and quick turn-around times once the project is approved. “That’s where we come in,” says Rick Crane, CEO of PAC Storage. “We’ve created a product line that ensures the content is securely stored, easy to share for editing, and adaptable for the ever-evolving M&E requirements.”

PAC Storage addresses the need for prioritizing files being edited and gaining fast access as needed. They can run SSD cache pools within the unit for the hot files and maintain the massive capacity running HDD drives for the colder archive video files. Further, the cloud gateway software on the units also has a new advanced cloud cache for this same purpose.

Crane informs, “We launched a product last year that adds to our options for M&E. It’s called the Video-Optimized NAS (PSV)." This product has a backplane tailored for M&E post-production groups with a single controller for budget-minded projects. The higher-resolution of video in M&E accounts for a large jump in data storage capacity requirements. As such, the system comes with many features and options and is able to simultaneously play back 26 streams of 4K video with one unit. To foster a collaborative editing environment, it offers up to twelve 10Gb host ports for direct client connections. It faster throughput with a video-enhanced backplane and is still scalable to 16PB of capacity. The offering also includes a cloud gateway option and an auto bi-directional download setting right off the cloud. “This feature was a request of a few M&E clients for those in the field and HQ to all be working off the same version of files being edited. We listened to our customers, and our design engineers made it happen.
It really makes sharing, synchronizing and back-up easier,” notes Crane. “We get a lot of feedback from the M&E industry in terms of their ‘wish list’ and make many of those elements a reality,” adds Crane. PSV increases user video editing experience with an intuitive management GUI, smart workstation utility, and collaborative editing environment for DaVinci Resolve, Adobe Premiere, and Final Cut Pro.

We’ve created a product line that ensures the content is securely stored, easy to share for editing, and adaptable for the ever-evolving M&E requirements

Many M&E clients lean toward high-performing equipment with great ROI price points. They also have an extreme need for quick turn-around times and customer service. “For those that know me, I don’t like to wait,” reports Crane. “When a client needs something, I expect my team to jump through hoops to make it happen as fast as possible with perfection in quality. With current industry-wide supply issues, our strategic long-term agreements with suppliers and inventory controls have been critical to keep our time frames short. Most of lead times to deliver a complete system is still averaging under 3 weeks.”

Bringing many such value propositions, PAC Storage has established itself as a full featured enterprise storage manufacturer that offers enterprise storage and prices that just make sense in the M&E marketplace.

“We’ve had clients in M&E tell us they’ve eliminated other vendors because of their customer service, response time and product development timeframes. We continueto provide a high-quality product, eliminate unnecessary long lead times and make ourselves available to our clients at all times," concludes Crane.

PAC Storage

Aliso Viejo, California

Rick Crane, CEO

PAC Storage is an OEM manufacturer of data storage equipment that are ideal for media and entertainment applications