Pacific Aerospace Consulting: Solutions Founded On The Rigors Of Systems Engineering

The aviation industry operates within a rapidly changing, challenging and complex market. And too often, the time-starved professionals in this industry scream for ways to respond to these challenges and capitalize on the opportunities, before their competitors. Pacific Aerospace Consulting (PAC) understands this unique requirement and offers a kind of analysis and insight that has previously only been accessible to the largest organizations.

PAC is a specialist aviation industry consulting firm that provides advice to Boards, CEOs, Business Development Managers and other senior managers to help them define aviation strategy, identify new markets and business opportunities, and thereby develop their organizations. The firm offers systems engineering, integration, requirements analysis, logistical support, program management and business services to the military and commercial customers. PAC can be referred to as a specialized independent services company constituted to provide worldwide support capabilities for the clients in the U.S. and world over; while the core capabilities of the company span across defense, homeland security and renewable energy sectors.

Categorized under Business Management Consultants, PAC unites expertise and professional service to deliver clear, accurate and targeted solutions. The company aims to give customers a blended solution founded on the rigors of systems engineering with the creative approach of out-of-the-box problem solving, which ensures maximum return on investment and increased capabilities with regard to the clients.

The company is also known for its engineering and certification support services with specific emphasis on understanding the technical airworthiness implications of a mission planning system in accordance with current MIL-STDS, STANAGS and DO standards.
PAC works closely with each client to understand the precise nature of their requirements and identifies areas in which they can provide expertise, resulting in an analysis which is precise, relevant and tailored to each client’s resources and needs.

Pacific Aerospace Consulting provides effective and efficient engineering and procurement support services to the U.S. Government, Australian Government and other Foreign Military Partners for mission planning systems such as the Joint Mission Planning System (JMPS). And the company offers insight and analysis for airlines, airports, tourism bodies and governments throughout the Asia- Pacific region and beyond, in Australia, New Zealand, the Pacific Islands, South East Asia, North Asia, the Indian Subcontinent, the Middle East, Europe and North America.

On a broader view, PAC understands the inclusive responsibility of the aviation industry and recognizes the essential role that it plays in linking communities to business, trade, tourism, healthcare, education, and development opportunities. The company also advocates new technologies and procedures that enhance environmentally sustainable growth in the aviation industry. And it strongly supports the efforts of the aviation industry, tourism and advocacy groups to investigate and reduce the impact of air travel on the environment.

Moving forward, the company plans to provide high quality specialized engineering, logistics and programmatic services. The firm believes that aerospace and renewable energy endeavors need not be mutually exclusive and it is highly focused on bringing about innovative and independent outcomes for the clients. PAC also plans to build an extensive network of engineers to support projects involving mission planning systems, tactical data link networks, and synthetic simulation.

Pacific Aerospace Consulting

San Diego, CA

Keren Rambow, Managing Director

A specialized independent services company constituted to provide worldwide support capabilities.