Pacific Controls: Enabling the World to leverage Smart Internet of Things

Dilip Rahulan, Chairman & CEO
Time, technology, and automation are three of the most invaluable commodities in the possession of corporate world today, which if managed effectively and efficiently, canmaximize the productivity of any firm. The inception of technologies such as Big Data, Analytics, and Cloud is already enabling organizations to streamline their features to degrees never seen before. As the landscape is getting prolific with these ongoing trends, there are various challenges getting intensified and are becoming concerns for many business leaders. The imperativeness to keep company’s intelligenceimpregnable, reduce operating costs, optimize energy usage, and germinate handsome profitability is keeping most of the executives awake at night. All the hovering obstacles of the current era are showcasing the need of a more open and connected space, where systems operate in confluence, proffer data in real time, and prevail with exemplary services.The canvas of this space isgetting filled with the colors of IoT and machine-to-machine platforms by the innovative hands of Pacific Controls.

New Jersey based Pacific Controls is the company of tomorrow, which is sowing seeds for innovative solutions in Intelligent Automation and Control Systems coupled with the technology expertise.The company has interwoven the amenities of machine and device data platforms, end-to-end managed service delivery, and IT infrastructure integration into their solutions to become a sole pioneer in the industry of interconnected world.

Pacific Controls Galaxy

Conferring end-to-end solutions within the spectrum of IoT to a whole infrastructure is a dominant challenge for every company in this space. This is where Pacific Controls moves a step forward from the rest of the competition. The company has introduced Galaxy, first of its kind enterprise platform that delivers city centric services for management of its ecosystem comprising of energy, real estate, homeland security, healthcare, hospitality, transportation, education, financial, industrial and retail. Galaxy is designed to deal with an array of services and it acts as a single point framework to deliver a unique proposition of tools in a managed service delivery model.

Galaxy addresses the challenges of climate change and the management of city’s resources by carrying out real time measurement and verification of its carbon footprint. It converges services horizontally and vertically through the applications of ubiquitous technology enabling more convenient and quality life, safe and sustainable living environment through continuous and systematic management of the city’s ecosystem. Galaxy will be hosted on its enterprise cloud that will enable any asset owner across the world to subscribe to the managed services offering in a cost effective manner. “Galaxy has gone through a number of stages of development. It has huge potential within and hence it has been recognized by many major IoT and Smart City players such as Microsoft, Cisco, Ericson and others for its functionality,” exclaim Dilip Rahulan, Chairman and CEO at Pacific Controls.

Leaving the Mark

Pacific Controls always sets its camp near the growing opportunities of end-to end services. In 2010, the company partnered with Jones Lang LaSalle to establish IntelliCommand, an integrated facilities management platform, combining cloud-based, smart technology enabling 24X7, real-time remote monitoring and control of buildings and portfolios worldwide. The company strives on the notion of delivering managed services as a services end to end. This viewpoint on managed services delivery has brought the company numerous projects from various fortune 500 companies, governments, and around 200 other customers.
“In 2008, Government of Dubai offered Pacific Controls a project on developing national life safety as a real time service within the country delivered as virtualized connected service integrating all the government life safety infrastructure. In 2008 Pacific Controls took the contract, worked with them and today have a landscape of over 60,000 connected buildings, which are monitored and managed live,” explains DilipRahulan. Pacific Controls also has been instrumental in building and managing the Building Integration System at the Dubai International Airport where the company has delivered integration of systems that manages core aspects of the airport such as security, HVAC, fire alarm, other critical operational systems, integrated to the air side management system and the ERP of the Airport.

The journey of Pacific Controls started with a single step and today, the footprint of the company is spreading across every continent. After dominating the Middle East, Pacific Controls has established its presence in North America where along with its strategic partners Jones Lang LaSalle, Ingersoll Rand subsidiaries’, Ericson , CISCO and other leading OEM’s, offering IOT solutions as a service.

Various telecommunication firms in North America and Asia have shown keen interest in the Galaxy 2021 platform and solutions of the company that will enable them to manage and monitor their infrastructure and networks and offer services to their customers enabling IOT service delivery and after market values. Pacific Controls is also formulating strategies to propound their products and services to Telecoms located in Europe and Australasia

Fastening Seatbelt for the Future

Dilip Rahulan has envisioned a great future for Pacific Controls. “Our aspiration is to become the bench mark for connected devices and connected things,” says Dilip.

The company has introduced Galaxy, first of its kind enterprise platform that delivers city centric services for management of its ecosystem comprising of energy, real estate, homeland security, healthcare, hospitality, transportation, education, financial, industrial and retail

According to him, two years from now, there will be enough artificial intelligence developed in the spectrum of machine to machine and IOT, which will enable individuals to become enterprises managing their business, lifestyle and their eco-system resulting in a whole new paradigm shift in life on planet earth.
As a part of future plan, Pacific Controls intends to form more robust partnerships with Telecoms in the effort to increase their global presence. The company has also partnered with Microsoft to provide highly customized, robust and scalable Cloud based IOT solutions for enterprises.

Pacific Controls

Jersey, NJ

Dilip Rahulan, Chairman & CEO

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