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Vince Mitchell, Founder and CEO
Digital signage industry has come a long way from a rotating playlist of images or videos to having a more dynamic presence with targeted content and specific calls to action. Leveraging content from a plethora of digital devices, intelligent digital signage systems can allow retail companies to target the right audience and provide them precisely customized content. With customers exposed to hundreds or more ads per day, compelling content with motion is key to getting your message seen. Founded in 2005, Pacific Digital Signs is a veteran in the digital signage space, working with Mom & Pops to 7-Eleven, Delta Airlines, Duty Free Stores, and numerous other brands nationwide. With expertise in enabling companies to connect with their audience with the right message, Pacific Digital Signs continues to evolve it’s offerings with modern developments in the digital signage industry. As a solution integrator, Pacific Digital Signs has become a one-stop-shop for digital signage solutions. The company works closely with hardware and software providers to craft solutions that are “mostly” off-the-shelf or fully customized, depending upon client requirements and budgets. Pacific Digital ensures that clients’ developed solutions include the latest state-of-the-art equipment and software for their current and future digital signage requirements.

From the outset, Pacific Digital understands client challenges and explores ways in which digital signage, rich content, and media can address those issues. Based on client needs, the company can provide content design services both initially and on an ongoing basis. Other clients may have existing designs or an ad agency, in which case PDS can use that as a base for adding dynamic data to the existing designs. As an extension to their service, Pacific Digital Signs also provides support and content management services, round the clock. Since the solutions are cloud-based, remote support can happen quickly minimizing any down-time. Clients have full control of their systems, but can always reach out for help. “We empower clients to quickly modify and customize their messages and communications modes based on immediate requirements,” remarks Mitchell.

Currently, Pacific Digital’s core markets for its cutting-edge solutions and services are retail, restaurants, and hospitality. The company designs digital menu boards with quick serve and fast casual restaurants. For the hospitality sector, the company delivers a variety of solutions from digital reader boards and meeting room displays to touchscreen wayfinding. Although these verticals are the company’s prime industries, it also serves commercial, federal, healthcare & education, and small businesses.

We empower clients to quickly modify and customize their messages and communications modes based on their immediate requirements

“From large video walls to small shelf level displays and ESL (Electronic Shelf Labels/Price Tags), the lower price points on displays and the total solution are enabling businesses of all sizes to increase their client and employee communications via networked digital displays.” added Mitchell.

Stressing on their value proposition, Mitchell highlights their recent engagement with a grocery store. The store has 50 locations with full-service restaurants within each store. The store was finding it increasingly difficult to dynamically change menu pricing and convey information in a way that extended their brand. Pacific Digital created a solution using Samsung’s system-on-a-chip displays with cloud-based software and integrated it with the client’s POS system. As a result, their weekly menu specials, pricing, and promotions are dynamically updated directly from their POS system. Their menu boards now updated automatically without having to touch the menu board software. The increased functionality lifted sales for special items and reduced the labor needed to convey specials and other promotions. “With the industry changing and evolving so quickly, our value is in building long-term relationships with clients as their technology partner to ensure the return on their investments,” asserts Mitchell.

Pacific Digital is witnessing impressive growth across the U.S. and anticipates obtaining a greater number of projects throughout the country, in the coming years. As screen prices fall, digital signage has hit the ‘tipping point’ as more screens appear in our daily lives. Evolved digital signage solutions include customer analytics to track traffic counts and patterns, customer demographics and moods, and much more. Dynamic, customized content can be triggered as customers approach a display and then pushed to their mobile devices, increasing message effectiveness and calls to action. As the digital signage market continues to evolve, the company is leading the way to provide solutions that will allow clients to continue to grow effective communication with customers and employees alike.

Pacific Digital Signs

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Vince Mitchell, Founder and CEO

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