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Peter Pizzino, President
The e-commerce explosion has brought forth unprecedented opportunities for cross-border global trade. In an act of stepping up to the plate, China has adopted the Belt and Road Initiative to accelerate transcontinental trade. Yet, success in a global playing field, demands navigating issues such as language barriers, regulatory environments, geographical boundaries, and fraudulent transactions. With solutions in e-commerce and blockchain, Pacific Software Inc. has designed BOAPIN. com, a multilingual digital bridge between e-commerce and blockchain solutions, to specifically increase trade across Brazil and China, and the rest of the world. The economy of Brazil has tremendous growth potential particularly in the agricultural sector with a vast fertile region bordering the Amazon. “By integrating blockchain with the e-commerce portal through IBM Hyperledger, our intelligent portal can show the point of origin all the way up to the point of sale,” says Peter Pizzino, president of Pacific Software Inc.

According to statistics, only one percent of the GDP of China is trading into Brazil, and just about three percent traded the other way around. In an effort to increase the trade numbers, Pacific Software struck an exclusive partnership with one of the largest federal trade organizations in Brazil that has a strength of 7500 members. The deal is a significant step towards proposing their e-commerce and blockchain solutions to a captured audience. Pacific Software will digitally market suppliers’ products in China through a portal and help the companies that are subscribers to transact through the portal. Other trade organizations in Brazil are also involved in the company’s strategy to create the supply side first and have it at critical mass. Once that happens, Pacific Software can offer Chinese importers a large variety of products, helping better their supply chain management internally in China.

In addition to offering BOAPIN as a multilingual platform in Portuguese and Chinese, Pacific Software is adopting a real-time translation feature on the platform. With this functionality, Chinese and Brazilian importers and exporters can connect by translating and communicating in real time.

By integrating blockchain with the e-commerce portal through IBM Hyperledger, our intelligent portal can show the point of origin all the way up to the point of sale

“As we adapt to the user requirements for further enhancements to the platform, we simultaneously augment several of its functionalities,” says Pizzino. Pacific Software Inc. can register a seller company, creating a multilingual profile with all essential information, allowing both buyer and seller to connect, communicate, and trade within the portal. On the transaction side, Pacific Software Inc. has put together a wider range of capabilities within the part of the portal that connects to third-party logistics providers and banks. For financial transactions to run smoothly, the company allows the importer and exporter to upload particular certifications and required customs documents in one place. Furthermore, Pacific Software is developing the blockchain to permit third parties to participate in the transaction and share information in real time on the same platform.

The general focus of Pacific Software is on the agriculture and food suppliers in Brazil that export to China. For instance, they are in discussion with a large Brazilian nuts producer to sell in China. Also included in the dealings are several rice, meat, and other protein companies that want to sell in the Chinese marketplace.

Pacific Software Inc. at present is focused on the e-commerce and blockchain solutions on the supply management side. Short-term plans for the company include focusing primarily on rolling out further tools and in-demand user features in the e-commerce portal to help companies better communicate, trade, and facilitate transactions through their portal register.

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Peter Pizzino, President

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