Pacom: Customized Security Solutions to Increase Banking Efficiency

Steve Barton, MD, Pacom
The banking and financial industry is undergoing a continuous transformation to conform to the ever-changing standards and regulations around the world. At the same time, they are looking for ways to simultaneously enhance security and save costs. “This is driving the need for customization,” says Steve Barton, MD of Pacom Systems. Bridging these ends, Pacom—a provider of security communications over IP networks and developer of integrated enterprise security solutions—delivers a high degree of customization through its system based on open standards. Since its inception, the company specializes in assisting organizations to safeguard their initial investment and delivering end-to-end integrated solutions for financial organizations.

“The traditional banking picture is more of hardware and physical boxes, but gradually it’s moving toward a virtual environment with data security and uptime being the major concern,” Barton says. Pacom’s products address key concerns such as compliance, message security, load sharing, encryption, network utilization and prioritization. Based on their interactions with customers for more than three decades, the company has developed a unique ‘dual flash’ capability, which enables secured broadcast changes to remote panels. Each Pacom panel is fitted with two memory chips, one being active and the other operating in a standby mode, which ensures that it remains online during any software update.

“Our core value proposition is to utilize the existing data network for security management and operations, and perform functions centrally,” cites Barton. Pacom’s remote management capabilities minimize the need for site visits, eliminating the operational costs. These capabilities include changing PIN codes, access control administration and card printing, video alarm verification and broadcast configuration alteration. Pacom’s Graphical Management System (GMS), a modular client-server application for multi-site organizations, provides full security system control. “The Pacom GMS solution is built around three electronic security ‘pillars’—access control, intrusion detection and video surveillance—to boost customer satisfaction,” Barton says. The company also is capable of transferring partial or full security responsibility to a third-party, providing organizations with choices about how to manage their facilities.

Pacom offers significant amount of integration to the banking sector, which at times are non-security related. In the case of a bank’s branches, the company can perform people counting and link the security system to the Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system, equating to significant cost savings.

Our core value proposition is to utilize the existing data network for security management and operations, and perform functions centrally

For ATMs, the company monitors traditional alarms and also signals non-conventional alarms related to paper jams and being out of cash. “We have advanced access control, alarm and video interaction, where we can bring in video cameras to reduce threats and incidents through improved visibility and lighting,” says Barton. Additionally, Pacom’s technology can be utilized to integrate with existing safe locking systems, providing banks a secure and convenient way to remotely manage safe lock environments.

Pacom has a global reach, which is accompanied by a faster understanding of technology shifts and new requirements. “Customer input and satisfaction surveys form the basis of our ‘innovation sessions’ to devise customer specific solutions,” says Barton. For instance, in collaboration with a major banking customer, Pacom developed an application called RTUSignal, which is an alternative method for bank tellers to silently signal duress or suspicious conditions. RTUSignal is an application that converts an ordinary PC keyboard into a security control solution, allowing users to configure a series of keystrokes to perform security functions.

Pacom will continue to focus on multi-site applications and provide best-of-breed services in alignment with industry changes. The company aspires to cater to the growing demand for hosted services, enhance integration with third-party applications and continually revitalize products to be more cost-effective.


Sydney, Australia

Steve Barton, MD, Pacom and Andrew Minnikin, Global Sales Director, Evelyn Lim, CFO

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