Pairaphrase SaaS: Breaking Linguistic Barriers with a Purpose-Built Translation System

Rick Woyde, Chief Technology Officer
For organizations aspiring to broaden their reach, seamless communication is key to keeping their operations rolling across national, linguistic, and cultural borders. However, their pursuit of constant information exchange, particularly via documents, is often weighed down by linguistic barriers and data security concerns.

A leading translation management system provider, Pairaphrase SaaS is ideally positioned to mitigate these challenges with its state-of-the-art translation solution that entails industry-best security features.

Pairaphrase’s eponymous cloud-based platform correlates top-notch machine translation engines and dynamic machine learning technologies, providing clients with an accurate and quick translation of documents, irrespective of format. Built to support over 100 languages, it houses the necessary tools for translation, optical character recognition (OCR), and editing that enables easy segmenting and editing within the platform.

Through its dynamic machine-learning capabilities, the Pairaphrase solution constantly learns from the human insights gathered during proofreading and editing. All this information can be stored in its in-built translation memory for future use, making it more accurate over time. It serves as a purpose-built productivity tool, helping clients reach bilingual quality levels with minimal human intervention at a low cost.

“It’s more than a brand name for us; it’s an ongoing mission to solve the world’s translation challenges,” says Rick Woyde, chief technology officer at Pairaphrase SaaS.

The Pairaphrase platform’s core competency lies in its ability to ensure the security and confidentiality of the translated content. It encrypts all documents that are hosted on AWS S3, ensuring the translated content is never indexed across any search engine.This “no return to machine translation provider” feature preempts third parties from accessing translated content and user data. Single sign-on and multi-factor authentication also ensure enterprise documents don't end up in the wrong hands.
As the platform adheres to all regulations, including HIPAA and GDPR, clients have an additional layer of enterprise-level data security and protection of personal identifiable information (PII).

All these capabilities are complemented by the Pairaphrase platform’s intuitive user interface, which eliminates the need for specialized training programs for using the software. The company offers a 30-minute demo session to help users get started. Users can upload a single file or batch of files, and with the click of a button, they can instantaneously translate the document in the same file format. Sharing and collaboration is made seamless.

It’s more than a brand name for us; it’s an ongoing mission to solve the world’s translation challenges

In the Pairaphrase editor, users can select content and make changes for the entire file batch. It’s consistent when translating content at any given time, and prior translated parts are always highlighted, making translation simpler and more efficient. The platform supports more than 20 file formats, including Microsoft Word, PDF, PowerPoint, Excel and InDesign. The platform’s numerous features ultimately reduce cost, time, and effort for inhouse translators, lowering additional resources spent on external translation agencies.

Illustrating Pairaphrase SaaS’s capabilities is its collaboration with a leading U.K.-based insurance firm handling various international claims for their clients across Europe. Having struggled with inefficient, unsecured and obsolete translation tools, they were eagerly looking for a solution that would provide a quick understanding of their legal documents. Deploying the Pairaphrase platform, the client reduced translation turnaround time and accelerated their claims-handling processes.

This instance is a testament to Pairaphrase’s expertise in the ever-evolving AI space and beyond as a go-to partner for organizations. With customer-centricity as its bedrock, Pairaphrase empowers organizations to communicate in every commercial language.

Pairaphrase SaaS

Birmingham, MI

Rick Woyde, Chief Technology Officer

Pairaphrasetranslation software contains robust translation productivity tools for organizations. It supports over 100 languages and houses all necessary tools, including several translation frameworks, a state-of-the-art OCR system, and in-built editing features allowing users to segment text and change content within the platform itself.

Pairaphrase SaaS