PalniES: Turnkey Solutions for Broadband Services Expansion Projects

Marty Chintakindi, CEO
In 2022, Communication Service Providers (CSPs) need capable engineers who can improve operational efficiency and modernize the grids for easing FTTx network deployments, 5G adoptions, RDOF, and many more. However, as present-day USA is expanding broadband to rural America, they are facing an acute talent crunch for such professionals, making it difficult for CSPs to fill the demand.

Amidst such adversities, PalniES, a division of Palni Inc, is —a full-scale turnkey engineering and design services firm— is redefining the telecommunication space by providing CSPs with consultancy and designing services for the expansion of next-generation communication networks. Using their extensive software development and automation expertise, the company delivers out-of-the-box engineering services encompassing turnkey fiber optics, field surveys, and designs, along with other non-technical offerings like traffic control plans, posting on GIS systems, and arrangements for permits. “We provide efficient and intelligent utility infrastructure solutions that enable our clients to readily move to the construction phase of their projects and fulfill network contracts,” claims Marty Chintakindi, CEO of PalniES.

Presently, the US government is also funding companies that are helping spread broadband services by taking up road and highway expansion projects. Laki Sundaram, Managing Partner, PalniES, states, “Companies with such projects in rural America are approaching us and asking for high-level plans.

Leveraging our electrical engineering expertise, we provide them with up-front design consultations and a clear cost and time mapping.” PalniES uses a layout—like Google Earth—to plan those routes and the necessary construction and equipment requirements for such projects. To date, such consultancy works have generated several successful projects and are constantly helping firms secure government funds. Among them, a firm from Northwest Washington once approached the company with a four-year project plan. With PalniES’s consultancy, the client has successfully provided broadband services to 100,000 homes and is continuing to do more.
Furthermore, to cater their engineering and design services to evolving market needs, PalniES brings in top engineers with offsite expertise and on-site project management skills. Six months of on-the-job training is also mandated for all employees to help them understand various client requirements and address them in the designs. For addressing every nook of client’s projects, a constant two-way communication flow is also established between the teams and customers.

We provide efficient and intelligent utility infrastructure solutions that enable our clients to readily move to the construction phase of their projects and fulfill network contracts

In addition to such a dynamic approach, quality, delivery speed, and competitive pricing are the pillars that hold PalniES’s services higher than its competitors. Their teams operate roundthe- clock and work together virtually to deliver solutions in the least possible time. Additionally, the constant market-dependent training and development arrangements make each solution a perfect market fit. And for the pricing, their off-shore work set-up in India helps them operate in a low-cost setting and provide the best possible rates.

In a nutshell, PalniES’s services for the telecom industry have been revolutionary, as they have opened up an array of revenuegenerating opportunities for several companies. Combining their consultancy, designing, and operational support services, the company not only helps clients ensure proper construction but also assists them in foreseeing any future problems. “We work as our client’s long term strategic partner, and help them grow,” concludes Chintakindi.


McKinney, TX

Marty Chintakindi, CEO

PalniES is a full-scale turnkey engineering and design services firm redefining the telecommunication space by developing automated, quick, and cost-effective solutions.