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Chaya Pamula, CEO, Prasad Tenjerla, COO
In an age and time where much of what is consumed is on a digital platform, it is imperative for companies to have an appealing online presence for engaging with their customers. Concurrently, companies must devise a comprehensive and strategic web development plan that can highlight their differentiating aspects, gaining a legitimate social media presence. Operating in this arena is PamTen, an organization committed to its values of delivering web development solutions with an utmost importance to meeting client needs and maintaining a long lasting working relationship with them. “We make sure our clients get the latest optimization tools that provide businesses with the most visibility, while driving more traffic into their website,” says Chaya Pamula, CEO, PamTen.

The company develops websites that are both desktop and smart-phone compatible, giving clients a higher degree of responsiveness when it comes to customer engagement. PamTen’s methodology relies on engaging with its clients to understand their business model, and articulating their unique selling points, objectives, and goals in the website. “We don’t just create the website, but also offer advice on how to drive in more traffic through various marketing infomercials across social media as well as comply with Google’s search analytics to deliver better visibility,” mentions Prasad Tenjerla, COO, PamTen. All of the firm’s offerings are cloud-based, having an additional option for clients to host shared servers that reduce infrastructure cost and offer requisite quality and up-time for the websites. “We also provide analytics as part of our package that gives valuable insights on how the clients’ businesses are performing and the key elements that help in driving more traffic,” notes Tenjerla.

By designing a standard pattern of work, which has helped the firm automate much of their processes, PamTen is able to deliver a faster turnaround time for its clients.They also develop software products that are installed as plug-ins into the system to streamline clients’ business operations. InStorePal, which works on beacon and Bluetooth technology, is one such product that is lauded by a number of their clients.

We make sure our clients get the latest optimization tools that can provide businesses with the most visibility online with higher traffic

“When a potential client of our customer walks by the store, the beacon, which can be placed at strategic locations, recognizes the Bluetooth in their smart device and starts sending promotional messages for particular products,” says Ms. Pamula. Used mostly by retailers, InStorePal has a wider application and can also be used for driving audience into events or conference centers. “As the device also collects a lot of data around purchasing patterns, foot traffic, or popular products, the users can optimize product locations and also customize their messages to target specific customers,” asserts Ms. Pamula.

A reflection of PamTen’s work ethic is seen in their project with a large law firm dealing in claims auditing. The firm handled their processes manually and was unable to cope with the rigid turnaround time and set time-frames to finish audits. Through repeated sessions that helped them understand the firm’s business, PamTen was able to standardize certain elements in the audit process and categorize claims into different buckets. “After implementing our system, the firm was able to automate majority of their auditing process, and improve their productivity and efficiency in terms of responding to the claims processing,” remarks Ms. Pamula.

PamTen’s unique delivery module coupled with flexible payment packages account for a cost-effective solution that adds value to their clients’ business. Moreover, the company’s association with its sister organization SOFKIN unites both its employees and clients behind a common purpose of making a difference in the lives of underprivileged children. “And that,” notes Ms. Pamula, “is what motivates us to work even harder and help contribute to this noble cause.”


Princeton, NJ

Chaya Pamula, CEO, Prasad Tenjerla, COO

Provides a comprehensive web development solution to companies that enable them to have better online presence and visibility