Panasonic Factory Solutions Company of America: Computer-integrated Software to Streamline Manufacturing Processes

Faisal Pandit, President
Today, the manufacturing market is intensely driven by competitive pressures, cost challenges, and increased customer expectations. In order to drive effective processes in their operations, manufacturing enterprises require solutions for automation and to enhance efficiency with less downtime. Panasonic Factory Solutions Company of America (PFSA) offers effective production planning solutions to facilitate faster manufacturing processes to steer companies to towards business success. The company plays a vital role in the areas of production planning and production resources acquisition and allocation, to meet all the manufacturing requirements accurately and efficiently. The firm manages inventory and assets, monitors material safety data exposure, analyzes relative performance, and also reduces inventory costs with material control.

PFSA’s flagship product, PanaCIM Enterprise Software Edition suite is a multi-level manufacturing execution system. “PanaCIM functions from machine-level to the cloud-level and automates processes across the entire enterprise,” says Faisal Pandit, President, Panasonic Factory Solutions Company of America. The Panasonic Manufacturing Execution System (MES) one of the firm’s unique solution offering is capable of scaling and supporting a machine or over thousands of installations. Further, the solution can be integrated with any platform, system, or location and plays a key role in eliminating redundant manual processes and decreasing material as well as labor costs.

The PanaCIM Enterprise Software Edition exhibits an array of modules for material control, traceability, production planning, material verification, maintenance, product changeover and control, and data linking. The Production Monitoring and Dispatch modules are centralized with supervision and notification system. These modules rely upon real-time data to identify events for various productions. By embedding a visual display of this system on the production floor, these modules allow maximum clarity and enforce effective communication among other production units of the company.

Additionally the Production Analysis, a part of PanaCIM suite is a web-based application that monitors the factory performance. When integrated with charting and alerting features, the Production Analysis facilitates faster analysis of problems that pertain to manufacturing and ensures proper action for effective improvements to boost productivity.
Serving some of the major manufacturers across several sectors, PFSA has been responsible for bringing in positive changes in customers’ production processes. For instance, Ducommun LaBarge, a major mechanized manufacturing firm utilized PFSA’s customized manufacturing solution to streamline all the processes involved in the production. The Panasonic team assisted the client to integrate the software into their systems and also helped them adapt to the software within a short span of time. “With the implementation of high mix solution, the client was able to organize a well laid out production plant with stringent monitoring on all the operational activities,” says Pandit.

With its worldwide presence, innovation and quality of service, Panasonic’s Factory solution has gained notoriety across the manufacturing landscape. Recently, PFSA launched their maintenance solution PanaCIM Maintenance with Augmented Reality (AR) that aims to form a connective link for the factory technicians to act more efficiently in the process of production. The new software is designed with built-in features that give access to checklists, part lists, and repair history, among other documents, to assist in equipment breakdown or scheduled maintenance.

Functioning from machine-level to the cloud-level, the solution automates processes across the entire enterprise and manufacturing operation

Moving ahead, PFSA has plans of furnishing new hardware applications and software solutions that amplify the depth and breadth of their total solutions for ‘Any Mix Any Volume.’ With over 100,000 installations globally and an incredible pool of experts, PFSA is well positioned to help customers solve challenges whether they're a single-module installation or a facility with over 1,000. “Our comprehensive technology portfolio supports diverse industries and brings immense value-add to customers regardless of their mix, volume, technology, or size,” concludes Pandit.

Panasonic Factory Solutions Company of America

Rolling Meadows, IL

Faisal Pandit, President

Develops and supports innovative manufacturing processes around the core of circuit manufacturing technologies and computer-integrated manufacturing software.