Panoramic Power: Enabling Retail Organizations To Leverage Their Energy Portfolio

CIO VendorYaniv Vardi, CEO
Enterprise energy management solutions are becoming more and more critical among retailers, specifically because energy conservation makes a crucial contribution to competitiveness. With Panoramic Power’s innovative circuit cloud-based analytics energy management solution, companies across a wide range of retail and commercial industries gain insight into their energy usage and are able to reduce energy consumption, and optimize operations, processes and maintenance resources.

As retailers are faced with a multitude of challenges in managing their energy consumption, they often lack the visibility and understanding of how its energy is consumed. This is coupled with challenges that stem from an expanding energy footprint, non-standardized and distributed store formats, aging energy infrastructure and unstable energy prices. Founded in 2009, Panoramic Power’s affordable, scalable, cloud based Energy Management Solutions provide granular visibility into energy usage-delivering a quick ROI, ensuring effective energy management and cost savings. The solution includes non- intrusive wireless and self-powered sensors on a circuit level, coupled with cloud-based analytics that provide real-time data and actionable insight to significantly save time, reduce energy costs and mitigate risks.

Headed by CEO Yaniv Vardi, Panoramic Power helps customers across a wide range of merchandise retail industries optimize their energy consumption, improve operational efficiency and generate income through load response programs. From Fortune 500 retail brands, to small multi-site chains, retail organizations turn to Panoramic Power for an enterprise energy management strategy. The Energy Management offerings cover multiple value streams and enable retail organizations to leverage their energy portfolio by providing device level energy data – enabling them to cut energy costs and expand margins through energy and operational efficiency.
“The solutions and services we provide not only help the topline revenue of a company, but also helps support corporate social responsibility programs, enabling companies to maximize ROI of green initiatives and optimize sustainability programs,” claims Vardi. Panoramic Power offers real-time circuit-level energy measurement that gives customers actionable analytics, access to a SaaS based dashboard and monthly reports for more informed decision-making to reduce energy, maintenance and operation costs, and to improve facility performance.

Food retail has some of the most energy intensive buildings, with high refrigeration and HVAC costs that account for close to 70 percent of energy consumption. “Within an hour’s time, our clients get granular data on their energy usage. This is coupled with visibility, advanced analytics, and process optimization services so retail stores can successfully improve energy performance – as quickly as possible. Our solution continuously optimizes energy consumption through ongoing device level monitoring across the entire chain,” Vardi says. Panoramic Power’s technological, organizational and behavioral changes result from energy management solutions that turn food retail organizations into profit centers. With Panoramic’s energy asset management systems, a 10 percent reduction in energy costs for the average supermarket can boost net profit margins by as much as 16 percent

One of Panoramic Power’s key clients, The North Face, needed an energy management system (EMS) to measure their stores’ energy consumption to meet the rigorous new sustainability requirements of The North Face’s parent company, VF Corp. Panoramic Power’s circuit-level energy management solution was installed in some of The North Face’s highest trafficked California locations to feed real-time data into Panoramic’s SaaS based analytics platform. The solution’s advanced business intelligence and analytic capabilities delivered load level, real time energy data that helped. The North Face stores optimize their energy consumption, infrastructure and behavior.

Moving forward, Panoramic Power’s will place additional focus on providing services to provide a complete solution over mobility so that mobile devices become the front end of the company’s energy solution to customers.

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Yaniv Vardi, CEO

panoramic power is a provider of circuit level energy management solutions, enabling businesses to optimize their energy consumption and operational efficiency