Pantera Global Technology: Pantera Creates An Online Community To Help Share And Access Data

DeWayne Adamson, President
Last month DeWayne Adamson, President of Pantera Global Technology, and his team headed west to the construction industry’s premier technology show to unveil Pantera Project Insight, a revolutionary cloud-based project management software solution for construction. Adamson was seen, bracing shoulders with some of the potential clients, demonstrating Project Insight’s powerful mobile functionality on his iPad.

For someone who has spent several years in the construction industry before stepping into the technology arena, Adamson knows that projects are the lifeblood of a construction business, and managing them efficiently is the key to success.

“We’re trying to create an industry standard of how construction projects are managed—to create the largest community of users in all of construction with access through one integrated portal,” says Adamson. “To accomplish this is no easy task. You not only need to provide software that offers file sharing, document management, contact management, messaging, reporting, collaboration, construction project leads and contractor directory functionality that all work together seamlessly as one product; but also make it available at low cost and more superior to all other players in construction technology industry.”

In a market as volatile as construction, it is important to provide solutions in response to new challenges every day. However, the construction industry is catching on to the advantages of web-enabled systems; vendors are even taking their solutions to the cloud. Pantera Project Insight exactly does the same. Pantera Project Insight features intelligent project scheduling, advanced resource allocation and submittal management, which automatically adapts to changes on a project. The company’s main aim for this product is threefold–reducing risk, saving time, and growing profitability, all through greater efficiency in project management.

Projects are the lifeblood of a construction business and managing them efficiently is the key to success

Pantera also offers contractor’s tools such as Integrated Bid Management system that will help find leads, promote a company, win bids, and get the job done. The Integrated Plan Room of Pantera is a complete bid management system that provides preconstruction management and an integrated invitation to bid platform that is both simple and potent. “Our Integrated Plan Room provides a great deal of benefits, but its main advantage is in removing third party branding and putting the general contractor first,” Adamson explains. As the competitive landscape continues to evolve, contractors are seeing the value of Pantera’s system. Lakeview Construction, Hunt Construction, Management Resource Solutions, Footlocker and Ulta are some of the company’s well-known clientele.

Adamson firmly believes that key to success is to keep speaking with customers and partners and to keep abreast of what the industry is looking for in terms of future solutions. “We will continue to be flexible and proactive in developing our products so that they provide maximum value for the construction community. We are building software today that will keep Pantera always a step ahead,” he says and is quick to add, “The tools we provide today are unlike anything available on the market now and for the foreseeable future.”



DeWayne Adamson, President

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